Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cinderella dresses!

THEY ARE FINISHED!!!! Do you like my ceiling fan? It makes great hangers for these dresses!

Two princesses are ready to get dressed...and two princess dresses are FINALLY ready!

If you remember...I ordered both dresses off of EB*Y. Abbigail's dress was new with tags. I have heard that Disney costumes run really small. So, being the seamstress that I am (do you hear the sarcasm in my voice??) I figured that I could make a gown smaller, but not bigger. I ordered her a size 10...OOOPS! It is HUGE! It is supposed to be a t-length gown. I took it in at the shoulders. I hemmed about 6 inches off the bottom (my worst hemming job EVER)...and it is now approximately ankle length. None of these issues were from false advertising on the part of the ebay seller...it was exactly as I expected it to be (ok, a little bigger, but that's my fault).

Bethany's dress is not a Disney costume, just a Cinderella look alike. It was listed as being in excellent condition. It was not. The bodice part had completely ripped apart and someone had resewn it with huge whip stitches that were completely across the front of the gown...it didn't look like they were trying to hide the stitching. It was completely ugly (the gown is pretty, but the stitching was ugly). So distracting. I took the entire thing apart and had to resew the entire thing by hand. It looks much better now, if I do say so myself. The dress was also way too long, but had a beautiful silver edging that I didn't want to hide. I figured out a way to hem the gown while preserving the edging. Not a great job, but it will do! Anyway...the dresses are DONE!

Thankfully, Andrew's Buzz costume fits him perfectly and needs NO alteration! We are going to a party at the church where my preschool is located tomorrow, so they will get to wear their costumes tomorrow...I will try to take pictures!
Ok, 3 posts in one night...I'm exhausted! Nighty Night!!!

Neighborhood FUN!

Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? While we miss our old neighboors, it is just a new experience with all the kids on our block right now! We moms (ok, mainly my friend Stephanie), decided to get together and have fun with the kiddos! We decorated pumpkins, decorated pumpkin cookies, made masks...and had lots of fun! Here are just a FEW of the pictures I took!
Cool "Mummy" pumpkins!
Decoratging cookies!
Steph sneeking "T" some frosting...Mom (Nancy) didn't know about the sweet stuff! ;o)
And, finally...a group shot!


Hey...this post is for my cousin Loni. She is expecting her third little one VERY soon!

Anyway, Loni...here is the fabric I got to make your sling. Please be honest, if you don't like it that's fine. I can get another fabric and use this for something else. If you like it, but think it will be too busy, I could make the body of the sling out of black and use this fabric for the trim and the pocket. Whatever you would like!
Here is the fabric the shopping cart cover is made out of. The back is a solid pink. I made one of these covers for Becki when Cambree was little. You can use it in shopping carts (OBVIOUSLY!), in those wooden public high chairs that aren't always clean, or even in those bucket park swings...though I've never really been worried about those. It has a strap that you can weave through the shopping cart and buckle the little one it. This is more for the older ones, or when the new one can sit up in the shopping cart...but Nessa could use it now. Great for keeping those icky shopping carts away from your babies! :o) Here is a picture of the crib tent box...if you want it, it's yours. Just let me know what you think about all of these! Love ya!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I am not good at confrontation. I will do just about anything to keep from hurting anyone else, or confronting someone about anything. However...sometimes I just CAN'T keep quiet. I am not particularly into politics. I know who I am going to vote for. I could give you all advice if you'd like! ;o) But I know politics is not why you all come to read my blog. But I am going to share something with you now that is very important to me. Babies....Babies are such a gift from God. They are such blessings...no matter what circumstances under which they are conceived. Babies are meant to be brought into families, Mommy and Daddy and Baby. Sometimes this is not the way it happens, but this is NOT the baby's fault. Why should the baby pay for a choice the mother and father made. I am pro-choice...until conception. Once the baby has been conceived, we have NO right to take that life away.
While reading other blogs tonight, I ran across this video that really spoke to me. Please take the time to watch it.

Children are a gift from God...from conception until natural death. My grandparents are both have some pretty major medical issues. My grandfather has had Parkinson's Disease for as long as I can remember. He cannot care for himself. Most meals he cannot even feed himself. Grandma is physically pretty good. She does her best to help the nursing home staff care for him...but her mind is not the same as it was years ago. She can't remember things, important things. She does still remember all of us kids and grand kids...and she knows that I am the ONLY one who doesn't live close. But what about when she can't remember? Do we have a right to ease our burden? Grandpa can't care for himself? Do we just let him be and let nature take it's course? NO! We take care of them! We provide what they need to live to their fullest potential.
If this post makes you uncomfortable...I'm sorry...sort of. I am not sorry for making you think about an issue that is very important. I am not sorry for sharing my values and my beliefs. I am not sorry for sharing what I believe to be the truth. However...if you have been touched and hurt by the tragedy of abortion, I am sorry for bringing up a painful subject that you have tried to put behind you. I am sorry for opening a wound that will take a lifetime to heal. But, if you are hurting...if you have been affected by this terrible act, know that there is forgiveness. God (and I) still love you. He will NEVER withhold His love and forgiveness from one of His children. He wants to heal you. He wants to hold you close and tell you that it will be ok. He wants to wipe your tears away and give you reason to smile, to live, to laugh, and to love.

Please, remember this issue when you go to vote. Shall we leave babies to die, or love them and care for them? You can probably guess how I will vote.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend over...

Friday, Pumpkin patch...probably 10-15 families came. Lots of pumpkins, muffins, and MUD! Lots of giggles and muddy shoe smiles.

Saturday, Garage sale...LOTS of BIG stuff is gone! YIPPEE! Car seats, toddler slides, tricycles, and small bikes...not to mention bags and bags of clothes. However...still have TONS of clothes left. I'm thinking Goodwill is going to get a BIG load soon!

Sunday, Church and preschool dinner...went well! Well over 1/2 of our preschoolers were there to sing, so that was a great turn out! I spent the afternoon hemming Abbigail's Cinderella costume for Halloween. I bought it WAY too big and have had to take it up in the shoulders and hem a lot off of it...doesn't look very good, but she's not wearing it to prom! Andrew's costume is ready. Bethany's needs just a bit of work, maybe 1/2 hour and it will be ready! Now I'm trying to figure out a costume for myself...any great ideas?

So I have decided I should have gotten stitches in that finger of mine. I cut it on Wednesday, and every now and then it still starts bleeding. And, every time I even gently tap it on something, PAIN! OUCH!! Oh, boy does it hurt! But it's too late for stitches now, so I just keep bandaging it up until the band aid falls off, leave it off for a while, and then put a new one on. One friend keeps saying I need to superglue it...any thoughts?? Have any of you ever actually super glued a cut? I used this stuff called "New Skin" on Andrew's chin a few years ago...would that work here?
Anyway...I'm going to get somethings done so I can go to bed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I said I wouldn't be around this week, but I've blogged more this week than in many previous weeks...go figure!
Parent/Teacher conferences are tomorrow, so no teaching for me. I have to meet with the parents, but I usually talk to them every day, so I don't think it will be TOO big of a deal. No real concerns with my kiddos..they are just so much fun!
In the evening I have to meet with Andrew and Abbigail's teachers for their p/t conf. I hope they are doing well in school. Everything I see says they are doing fine, but I guess you never know unless you are their teacher! I've worked very hard with Abbigail making sure she brings EVERYTHING home and gets it all in on time. So hopefully that issue has been corrected since the progress report.
Garage sale stuff is mostly in boxes, priced, sorted, and in the garage. The garage still needs a bit of work, but Hubby said he would take care of it. Friday morning is the pumpkin patch with the preschoolers and their families. After we finish at the pumpkin patch, I will probably spend the rest of the day setting up for the garage sale. Saturday morning is the garage sale...hopefully I will get rid of A LOT of stuff!!! (And if I make a little $$ in the process that would be GREAT!)
Sometime between now and Saturday morning, I need to make a pumpkin cake for our preschool dinner on Sunday, and also a salad for the meal. I need to finish reworking Abbigail and Bethany's costumes to make them fit properly. Bethany's is almost done, but I still need to hem Abbie's.

Ok...off of my "to do" list!
Here is something I am thankful for: Not needing stitches! It was so cold and windy here today that I just CRAVED soup all day long. So when I got home I grabbed some stew meat out of the freezer and began making a big yummy pot of veggie beef soup. I always think the big chunks of stew meat are too big, so I cut them into bite sized pieces (much easier for the kids!). Well, apparently the knife slipped...my finger has never bled so much...ICK! I started yelling (ok, screaming and crying!) and thankfully Hubby was home. He came and made sure I wasn't passing out and that my finger was still attached. (thank goodness I just took the first aid course! ;o))...I applied pressure with a paper towel for a long time, but each time I tried to switch to a band aid it just bled so badly! I was really thinking I was going to need stitches! Hubby wrapped gauze around my finger and then a REALLY tight layer of that stretchy tape stuff. I did make him loosen it when I realized that the end of my finger was PURPLE and COLD! About an hour later, I took that off and it was still oozing, but not RUNNING out. I have gone through 3 band aids, but I think it has stopped enough that it will heal on it's own. OOff Da...what a night. But boy was that soup good! Even have enough left to put a big tub in the freezer for later, and some in the fridge for left-overs. :o)

Bethany has been very tired lately. She's still trying to cope with not napping in the afternoons. More than a few days she has fallen asleep when we get home. Just laying in the middle of the floor, on a chair, the couch, car seat, anywhere! Every time I see her snoozing somewhere "odd" I just think "AWW, How cute!" and then snap a picture. So...wanna see some cute snoozing Beth? Here you go!
She fell asleep on the living room floor...as the sun started to set, it put a sunbeam right across her little eyes. Didn't bother her, though, she just kept on snoozing! (I did adjust the curtains so she wouldn't be BLINDED! But being the good blogging momma that I am, I took a pic first!)
She went out to ride bikes one day after school, then came in to see what Daddy was up to. Sat down to watch him play a video game, and lost it...with her bike helmet STILL on!
On Sunday I had her try on her costume "one more time" so I could check the hem. She begged to wear it for just a little while...so I let her. 5 minutes later, Cinderella turned into Sleeping Beauty.
Tonight I was sitting in the recliner checking my email. She crawled up next to me and leaned on me. Pretty soon the phone rang and I went to answer it. When I came back, this is what I found. Poor sleepy girl! She is sleeping at night, but apparently not enough. Abbigail did nap every day until she went to 1st grade when she was 6, and Bethany is only 4 1/2...my babies are growing up!

Monday, October 20, 2008

AHHHH!!! What's next? UPDATE!

I took all three of my kids today to get their flu shots. I can't get mine because I'm on antibiotics. Boy does my hubby owe me a BIG margarita for doing that one on my own! I was holding Bethany and trying to DRAG Andrew out of the van with the other hand! Boy is that kid strong! It took me and another nurse to hold him down while the other one gave it to him. He even agreed that he would not go on our trip to Disney if he didn't have to get that shot! What a DRAMA KING! Anyway, three kids, three shots...and the only bruising will probably be on Andrew from fighting so hard!
When I got home from that fiasco, the phone was ringing that Bethany's child care provider's little girl is sick, so Bethany can't come over there tomorrow. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, she could just go to work with Daddy, or he could work from home, but he is out of town tomorrow. Hmmm...I am so blessed to have a wonderful neighbor who is willing to keep her in the morning while I teach. Ok, that's taken care of....but this evening one of my teachers called to let me know that her daughter has strep throat. Ok, that sort of thing happens....I have called 5 subs so far. Two have sick kids of their own, twp have other obligations, and I'm waiting to hear back from the last one! Of all the days for Hubby to be out of town! I'd recruit him to help out in a second!

Please pray for me!!! Thanks!

Update: I found someone to come in and help...but I also just talked to Hubby and he is sick, too. He thinks he'll still make it to his meeting tomorrow, but not certain. Nyquil is now taking it's effect on him and he'll sleep good, for a few hours at least!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ta Ta For Now!
No, I'm not shutting down my blog. I know I haven't been around much lately, I'm sorry....but I won't be around much this week either. This week is going to be pretty busy. We are having parent/teacher conferences on Thursday for my school (need to get ready to meet with 17 sets of parents) and my kiddos' school....need to go chat with their teachers. No school on Friday, but I'm going to be meeting with as many of my preschool families (all 65 families) who want to go at the pumpkin farm. We wanted to take a field trip, but couldn't find transportation for as many kiddos as we have. So...all the families are responsible for their own transportation, and instead of just having the kids, it will be a family outing. Fun, but that's another thing I need to plan! We are having a preschool dinner on Sunday to help raise money for our scholarship program. Also, do you remember last spring when a friend and I had a garage sale? Remember how I said we have a bunch of "fall/winter" stuff left....well, we just decided that it's time to get rid of it. We're going to have a garage sale here at MY house this weekend. So, this week, I need to go through a bunch more stuff, price it, sort it, etc....and clean out the garage. Somewhere in there I hope to get a little extra rest to help myself continue to get better, and not relapse with my infections.
Now, if you know anyone in the market for kids clothes from newborn - size 7-8 (girls and boys), car seats, strollers, adult clothing, Halloween costumes, movies, etc...and you live anywhere near the "Middle of Nowhere" Kansas...send them my way! :o)
So, if you miss reading all the silly things we do around here....come back later, I'll try to update once in a while, but I'm not promising anything! Just wanted to let you know in advance what's going on so you won't worry about me.... Thanks for visiting! :o)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So guess who is sick??

No, THANK GOD, Abbigail is healthy as a horse. I guess the walk in the cold rain just made her wet and cold, but she stayed healthy. Nope, it's me. Actually I'm starting to feel human again after feeling pretty lousy for over a week. Last Thursday, my sinuses started feeling like a concrete truck had left it's load in my face. Friday when I woke up my throat, eyes, ears, and teeth felt like they were all going to explode. Each day I thought I would surely be better, and some days I did feel a bit better...but not much. Finally by THIS Friday (Yes, a WEEK later) I decided I had had enough, and broke down and went to the doctor. I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection...guess I was not just being whiny...I really was/am sick. But now I am on antibiotics and steroids, so I should be feeling fine soon...already am feeling some better. The concrete truck has come back for some of it's load, and my ears only pop every other time I open my mouth now. Feeling better, but a long ways to go.
Andrew and Hubby spent the day at a boy scout outing. Andrew got to shoot a bow & arrow, BB gun, throw a hatchet, and all sort of other manly activities. The girls got to spend the morning with a baby sitter...which in their book is pretty awesome...while I went and retook my CPR and first aid training. I have taken this course every-other year for at least 12 years...probably longer. It's amazing how things have changed over the years, but it is actually easier now. Instead of having to remember X number of compressions to Y number of breaths for each of the different age categories (infant, child, adult)...now it is just 30 compressions to 2 breaths. Period...for everyone! The only difference between infants, children, and adults is that for adults you call 911 before starting any of the CPR stuff, while with infants and children you do 5 cycles and then call 911 (if alone, if others are there...have them call 911 right away). Anyway...that was my morning, CPR and First Aid.
The weather was so beautiful after I got home that I thought a girls trip to the zoo would be a perfect way to spend the afternoon. I thought we could meet the "boys" for dinner when they were done with their manly activities. The girls and I loaded up and we drove to the zoo (40 miles away mind you). Only to find that our FREE zoo was closed for "Boo at the Zoo" and you were only allowed in if you had prepaid for tickets. So what was I going to do with these two girls for the next 3 hours until dinner? Well, we went to a park to play but unfortunately it didn't last too long because SOMEBODY had to go to the bathroom. So, shopping is what we decided to do to use our time. We got a tierra for Abbigail's Halloween costume, some tights, socks...oh, and the girl's Christmas dresses. Or at least what I'm thinking about using for their Christmas dresses. JC Penney has their "holiday" dresses on sale for 50% off, so the girls both picked one out. Abbigail fell in love with one that is pink and brown. It is really pretty, and she says she feels all grown up in it (BE STILL MY HEART!) and all she needs is lipstick :o)!! Bethany feel in love with a pink and black one. Also cute, but they don't match. My family Christmas cards won't look quite as good if their dresses don't at least coordinate. So, I went ahead and got the dresses...with the agreement that we will think about them. If I can find one that will coordinate with the other, we'll be in business!

Well all...I'm going to get to work on the house and other things that haven't really been touched in the last week since I've been feeling a bit under the weather. Nighty night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When we went pumpkin picking a week and a half ago, I thought something was seriously wrong with picking pumpkins when it was 91 degrees outside. Well, apparently we've decided to skip fall and go STRAIT for winter. Today's high was 44, and rain. COLD! BRRR!! I've had a chill in my bones all day! Turned the heat on at school, and here at home.
Now for the GRRR! Hubby was out of town at a meeting today, so I went to pick Abbigail and Andrew up from school. When Abbigail came out, I noticed that her hair was wet. HMMM....well, I didn't think TOO much of it. We went home, did some homework, and then I took her to girl scouts. I picked her up a little early from girl scouts because the phone guy was supposed to be coming to fix our phone and Internet that apparently don't like the rain. (BTW, that's one reason I haven't been online a lot lately...it's been down off and on for a week now!)
So anyway, we get home and she's freezing, but so was I so I didn't think much of it till she took off her shoes and socks. Her feet were little blue prunes! They were SOAKING WET and COLD! Apparently there was a special visitor at the high school today, someone who played violin, etc. Cool...the students WALKED to the high school which is 3 blocks away. Do you remember that I said there was a HIGH today of 44 and it rained ALL DAY LONG! They made the kids WALK 3 blocks in the rain!! How smart is that???? No umbrellas. Nothing! Yes, she had her brand new winter coat on, which kept her mostly dry, but her feet were soaked, and so was her head! Abbigail didn't complain, she loves music...she would do just about anything to see someone play music...but come on...don't you think the adults should use some common sense??? I'm planning on going to the school during my 15 minute lunch break tomorrow and talking to the principal. Who is going to pay all the doctor bills from the kids who are going to get sick from this? No, I didn't send Abbigail with rubber boots because I didn't think anyone in their right mind would send kids out in 44 degree RAINING weather to play, let alone walk 3 blocks! Yes, I know it is only 3 blocks, so bring in 1 bus and shuttle them...keep them DRY!
As a teacher, I try to take my kiddos outside if at all possible. Even when it is COLD, as long as it is dry I try to take them out for just a few minutes of fresh air. But in the rain??? GRRRR!!!
Thanks for letting me rant...I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Life...is complicated

Yes, there is more going on here in my little life than Halloween costumes. However...it's not exactly "bloggable." (How is that for making up my own word??) Being a pastor's wife, much of my life is wrapped up right where it should be, with my husband and his/our ministry. The nature of ministry means that much of it is confidential or at least not of the nature that it should be made PUBLIC...so, there is much going on in my life right now that I can't write about. So, I'm sorry for the fluff posts about costumes and such (look for a pumpkin post soon!)...but that is all I've got right now. Sorry. Hopefully one day I can share what is going on with us...
If you are a praying person, and wish to pray for us, I would be very grateful. Prayers for peace, patience, understanding, guidance, and that God's Will would be seen and followed. Thank you to all!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Got Bethany's dress!

I finally won an auction for a dress for Bethany! This one comes with all the accessories...purse, crown, wand, etc. It's a beautiful dress and I can't wait to get it! Well, here it is! And now, I am DONE with EB*y!! No more for me...for a long while!!!!
But...Andrew still needs the goggles that go with his costume...;o)

Halloween Costumes...I am the Eb*y QUEEN...or not!

Ok, so I've been looking at Halloween costumes for my kids. Usually we go really low key and "cheap" for the costumes. Last year Abbigail wore her previous year's dance costume (with a turtleneck). Andrew usually wears a sweat suit and then some addition to make it a costume. Last year I made a overlay (not sure what to call it) that made him be a ninja. Bethany wore Abbigail's old costume last year. It consisted of a turtle neck under a dance leotard (one from dance class) and a little skirt/tutu I made from ribbons. Usually we just rework what we have or add a small piece to make a cute cstume. Not this year! Since we are planning for our trip in January, the girls want to dress like the princesses when we go to Disney. So why not get the costumes now so they can wear them for Halloween and for our trip. We talked about having the girls wear their dance costumes from last year, but they would FREEZE if they went trick-or-treating in those things! What's the point of dressing up if you have to wear a coat over your costume!??!

I've looked in the stores and online. We can't find princess costumes in Abbigail's size in the stores because I guess more girls her size want to be sleazy witches and pirates...NOT my girl! Anyway...I have been trolling the Disney store website (I CAN get Abbigail's size here!) trying to get a good deal. Even with a coupon code, I couldn't get the total below $96!!! :-O And that was with FREE shipping!! CRAZY! Though we are planning on spending a bit more than usual, this is WAY more than we were planning! Last night when I was getting frustrated and a bit angry at the costs, Hubby said "Have you checked Eb*y?" So, I checked it out! Before I went to bed, I had "won" a Cinderella costume for Abbigail. With shipping hers will be $23. It is exactly what I was looking at on the Disney website for $39.99. Brand new still in the package and with the tags. It doesn't come with the crown, but that's ok...we can get one of those cheap enough at the dollar store! Around 3:00 I got Andrew his beloved Buzz Lightyear costume, again, much cheaper than Disney. His costume was used for dress up, but is in excellent condition. Now we're trying for Bethany's. I had one for her earlier, but got "sniped" just at the end. With less than 15 seconds left, someone came in and gave a little higher bid and I couldn't get a new bid in fast enough! I was so mad! But I guess that's how it works. So...I'm watching a few more Cinderella costumes for her.

Oh, the excitement! I can't believe how quickly my heart was beating! I could seriously get addicted to this....better not make a habit of this!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I AM alive!

Yes, the reports of my demise are highly exaggerated. I am alive, I am kicking, and I am smiling. I am smiling because a cute picture of my kiddos just popped up on my puter...how can you not smile when you see these cuties! So...what have I been up to, since it has obviously not been blogging! LIFE...it sure gets in the way sometimes! :o) ;o)
Busy as usual, so I won't bore you with those details! Besides school, preschool, and all the other daily activities, Abbigail had her 4-H record book due this week. Boy oh boy was that a project! I don't think it would have been near the issue that it was if I had known about it from the beginning. Our 4-H club is great. They are all so friendly and helpful, when asked. However, they have all been doing 4-H since, well, forever...and they just do these things automatically and just assume everyone else knows what to do. I was supposed to have been keeping track of all the meetings we went to. All the extra get-togethers we participated in. All the meetings for projects. All the projects she missed out on. All the "talks" she gave. Also, all the "extra" things she does in school, church, and the community. Not to mention the pictures. Can you remember everything you've done since last November? How about what meetings your child went to and which ones she missed...NOT ME! So, don't tell the 4-H board, but this record book is NOT completely accurate! It is as best as I can remember and I'm sure I'm missing TONS! Well, lesson learned. I'll keep track this year!
We need to go to town to do some MAJOR shopping...and can't. We can't find the time! Looking at our schedules, we have something EVERY SINGLE DAY or EVENING until Thanksgiving! Two weddings two weeks in a row. Then I'm hoping to have another garage sale. After that, Hubby is out of town nearly every weekend until Thanksgiving! ARGH! We are seriously going to run out of TP before then! So, I guess I'll be heading to town on Sunday (with the kiddos) while Hubby goes to do the vacancy preaching thing. It's not that I don't like going alone, but we enjoy going to town as a family. We enjoy spending that time together and doing fun things together. I could get nearly all of my supplies here in our little town, but I would probably pay at least 1/3 more for our supplies...and what I will save by going to the bigger city will more than cover the cost of the gas to get there!
One fun thing about being a pastor's family...wedding rehearsal dinners! We are usually invited to join in the meal. Now, normally, the rehearsal happens around 6 or 6:30, and dinner follows. Tonight's rehearsal was different. It started with the meal at 6:00...and most people didn't show up until at least 6:15. It was at a very nice restaurant here in town, one that I've never even been to! We've lived here for 4 years, and I've never been through the doors. Well, tonight I got the chance! It was nice, but very slow. With all the people for the rehearsal, and the normal Friday night crowd, we didn't finish eating until almost 9:00...and Hubby is still at the rehearsal and it is 10:15!! Anyway, the fancy restaurant....the kids and I were so excited about going there! We all got dressed up and were looking pretty spiffy! (oh, kinda off topic, but I wore my black pants which I haven't worn since the spring...and they are loose!!! YIPPEE!!) I just gently reminded them that this is a nice place, no running or talking loudly. Also, since my kids are just a tad on the picky side (understatement of the YEAR!) I reminded them that if they didn't care for the food, they should take a "thank you bite" and sit quietly. No nasty faces or "I DON'T LIKE THIS!" comments. By the time the food finally started coming out (salads about 7:15!) the kids were starving. However, Abbie and Drew declined the salad and each ate a roll. Bethany ate most of her adult sized salad...she was so cute sitting there wolfing down her lettuce! Andrew was the ultimate gentleman. He opened the doors for me and the girls. He even tried pulling out our chairs. However, poor guy, he was trying to pull out my chair for me, but I thought he was trying to sit where I was going to sit. I kept pointing to where he should sit and telling him to go over there...he just kept pulling on my chair. Momma didn't get it! Sorry, little man! He even pulled out the chair for his daddy! What a little gentleman! Considering they had to wait nearly two hours for their food, they did wonderfully! I was so proud of them!
It is now 10:30 and Hubby still isn't home. I hope the rehearsal is going ok! The groom is Philippino, and the family wanted a Philippino wedding tradition in the service, so Hubby did some research and is putting it in...I'm sure it is a bit more than he is used to doing in a wedding service...I can't wait to see it.
I love going to weddings. I sit there, staring at my Hubby uniting two people in marriage, and while he says the vows to them, I am repeating them in my heart. Every wedding is another chance to vow my love to MY LOVE! I love you, honey! I just heard the garage door go up, Honey is home! Nighty Night all!