Monday, October 20, 2008

AHHHH!!! What's next? UPDATE!

I took all three of my kids today to get their flu shots. I can't get mine because I'm on antibiotics. Boy does my hubby owe me a BIG margarita for doing that one on my own! I was holding Bethany and trying to DRAG Andrew out of the van with the other hand! Boy is that kid strong! It took me and another nurse to hold him down while the other one gave it to him. He even agreed that he would not go on our trip to Disney if he didn't have to get that shot! What a DRAMA KING! Anyway, three kids, three shots...and the only bruising will probably be on Andrew from fighting so hard!
When I got home from that fiasco, the phone was ringing that Bethany's child care provider's little girl is sick, so Bethany can't come over there tomorrow. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, she could just go to work with Daddy, or he could work from home, but he is out of town tomorrow. Hmmm...I am so blessed to have a wonderful neighbor who is willing to keep her in the morning while I teach. Ok, that's taken care of....but this evening one of my teachers called to let me know that her daughter has strep throat. Ok, that sort of thing happens....I have called 5 subs so far. Two have sick kids of their own, twp have other obligations, and I'm waiting to hear back from the last one! Of all the days for Hubby to be out of town! I'd recruit him to help out in a second!

Please pray for me!!! Thanks!

Update: I found someone to come in and help...but I also just talked to Hubby and he is sick, too. He thinks he'll still make it to his meeting tomorrow, but not certain. Nyquil is now taking it's effect on him and he'll sleep good, for a few hours at least!

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Elizabeth said...

The non perk of working! Glad things seem to be working out!