Monday, December 31, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (and Continued Blessed Christmas!)

People look at my husband so strangely when he continues to wish people a Merry or Blessed Christmas. Christmas day is over, but the Christmas holiday continues. We leave our tree up, along with ALL the decorations until Christmas is truly over, January 6. You know the song "The 12 days of Christmas" is true, Christmas lasts from December 25-January 6, when we celebrate Epiphany. Epiphany is the celebration of the Wise Men finding Jesus. This is the first account of Jesus being worshiped by non-Jewish really, it's OUR Christmas! I think we might even have a gift left for each of the kids to open on Epiphany....we'll have to wait and see! :-)

Anyway...this post wasn't intended to be about the continuation of Christmas, or let's move on.

Christmas has been wonderful for my family this year. Of course the celebration of Jesus' birth is always wonderful, but this year was even better than usual. If you read my last post, you will know that we have had a Christmas miracle in our family. My father has grown so much stronger...he walked! He uses parallel bars, his PT stabilizes his legs and hold onto his belt, and mom follows with his wheelchair just in case he can't continue (I was so glad she was there one time when I was watching and his knees buckled...if she hadn't been there with the chair he would have gone all the way to the floor, but as it is he just landed safely in his chair, PRAISE GOD!) He works very hard each day with many hours of therapy in and out of the pool. In groups and on his own. He is exhausted to the end of the day and week. I took some pictures of him working and I'll try to get them posted soon.

I also want to do a post to tell you about our wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but right now I'm exhausted!! It's 10:55, and I think we will ring in this New Year at 11:00, so me and the kiddos can head to bed!!!!

Good night all, and we'll see you NEXT year! :) Blessings on 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Today is Christmas is a day of miracles. Of course the most wonderful miracle occurred that first Christmas in the tiny town of Bethlehem. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given." Christ came to earth as a tiny baby. Born in a barn. Born to an "unwed" mother. Born in the most humble of circumstances...what a miracle that the all-powerful, all-knowing God of the Universe would choose such a birth. But He did, and He also chose to die a horrible death to forgive me...a terrible sinner, of all my sins (and you, too!). Today I praise and thank God for choosing to come to earth in this manner so that He could forgive me, and make me one of HIS children. What a wonderful Christmas miracle!!

Today another Christmas miracle Dad WALKED!!!!! Yes, my Dad walked! If you are a loyal reader you'll remember that he had a staph infection in his spine in July/August and could not move anything below his waist for quite a while. He has been working very hard trying to regain his mobility and strength. Today, after 5 months of hospitalization, hard work, lots of therapy, and so much prayer, HE WALKED!!! He used the parallel bars and went 5 feet, 4 feet the next time, and 5 feet again. He said it was slow and he wasn't very graceful (you should see me walk, the very definition of non-graceful!!)...but he did it!! We are planning a trip to visit them for Christmas tomorrow after services are over...I can't wait to see him and get a hug...and then I want to see him WALK!!! I just can't believe it! I am truly thankful to still have my father here on earth. There were a few times this year when I thought I had received my last hug, my last chat with him, and that he was going to be greeting his Lord and Savior. I am just so thankful to have him around and that I can still have those hugs and chats...I didn't care if he ever walked again! But I know he did, so I prayed for his strength to return. I prayed for his spirit to stay strong. I pray for mom, patience, endurance, and sanity! God has answered our prayers. He answers them daily, minute by minute. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Like I mentioned...we will be visiting for a few days, so I want to take this chance to wish all in bloggyville...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prayers please

My husband is sick. He has a terrible head/chest cold. This usually isn't a big deal...but this time of the year it is! He is a pastor (as most of you know) and the weeks around Christmas are some of his busiest all year. Last year he got a cold before Christmas and by New Year's it had developed into pneumonia. He is just too busy to take time off to take care of himself. I knew he wasn't feeling well Monday when he stayed home almost all day...but each day he seems to be feeling worse, but pushing harder to get things done.
Please pray that Warren will feel better and take care of himself. Thanks!!
Christmas Blessings-Andie

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Isn't he a cutie!!! I swore I would no longer look at the waiting child listings at adoption agencies. It breaks my heart that so many children have no family. They have no mommy to kiss their owies or tuck them in at night. No daddy to teach them to play baseball. No brothers and sisters to tease and play with. No family to pray with and to learn about Jesus' love from.
However...I received a link from a fellow blogger of her agencies' new WC list. I clicked...I could not resist. And there, staring back at me was this little angel. Jiuming. He will be 2 years old in February. His info simply states that he has damaged hearing in both ears. Is he deaf? Hard of hearing???? I don't know. I just know that if I could, I would be on the next flight to China to make him MY son! Since I know that probably won't be happening...I am committing him to prayer. I will pray that this little boy is loved by his caretakers. I pray that he is healthy and happy. I pray someone will tell him about Jesus. I pray that a family steps forward to make him their own!
Dearest Heavenly Father...please be with little Jiuming. Heal his heart of any hurts, bring people into his life who will fill it with love and laughter. Bring Jiuming and his forever family together as soon as possible!
For those interested, he is listed at Living Hope Adoption Agency. Just click on the waiting children's listing and a list will pop up. He is #4 on the list.

BTW...I still pray for Zhang (another little boy in China who is deaf and an orphan). I have not found him on any other lists, and none of my friend's have, either. He is now almost 6 years old. I'm afraid China has given up finding him a forever family. That breaks my heart...I'd love to welcome him into my family, too!!! My mom reminds me that I can't fix everyone's life...sure wish I could, at least try!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny story!!

Ok, I know...3 posts in an hour, but just read one more, and I promise I'll leave you alone...for now! :-)

We have a linen closet at the end of the hallway. I keep extra blankets, sheets, etc. in there. During the fall when I get out the extra blankets for our bed, it creates a lot of extra space in that closet. So...that's where I keep the Christmas gifts. The kids all know they aren't allowed in that closet, and they know why. Usually I have a basket of laundry that needs to be folded sitting in front of the seems to be a bit of a blockade so they don't bother it. Well, today I caught up on the laundry and the basket isn't there. They never have tried to look in the closet even though they know what's in there, they just know that they aren't allowed, and they are good about staying out....well, until tonight. I was working on supper and Bethany comes running down the hall yelling "ANDREW, ANDREW, ANDREW" She had opened the closet and rummaged around in a bag until she found a Spider man toy and was bringing it to the biggest Spider man fan in our home. He comes running around the corner to see what his sister was yelling about. He got a glimpse of it and covered his face and started yelling "CHRISTMAS PRESENT, CHRISTMAS PRESENT, CHRISTMAS PRESENT!" He knew exactly where it had come from and that he shouldn't be seeing it! He was so funny...tried to tell me that he didn't see it. He was afraid that if he admitted he saw the gift that it would be returned and he wouldn't get it. It wasn't his fault, he wasn't looking in the closet! :-) I don't think she got to her bag....guess I'd better finish wrapping!!!

Christmas Quilts...early

I caved. I was trying to play catch-up today for a lot of the stuff I've let slide in the past few weeks since I've been so busy with the Christmas program and stuff. I washed all the bedding and remade the beds...have I ever told you I HATE bunk-beds! Love them for the room they save, HATE putting sheets and blankets on them!!!! Since Andrew got one for his birthday, now I have to make 2 bunk beds! ARRRGGGHHH!!! Anyway, that's not the point!
When I was about to put Bethany's blanket back on top of her sheets I decided I was going to give the girls' their quilts a bit early. I have been working on those quilts off and on for about 18 months, and since I finally finished them last week, I REALLY wanted them to be able to use them...I'm almost as bad as the kids about waiting for Christmas to open gifts!!! So, without further adu...may I present, the quilts! :-)
They are so snuggly! When Abbigail crawled up in her bed for the picture, she laid down and didn't want to come back out, she LOVES it!!! The top is flannel and the backing is a jersey t-shirt snuggly! I'm thinking I want one!
And then we added all their stuffed animals and babies...I hope the girls don't grow too much taller or they won't have room for all their "fluffy families."
Abbie's fluffy family
Bethany's fluffy family...I think that girl needs to clean out under her bed!!!!
And I just LOVE this face!!!!
Kinda like this one, too!
This one's sweet, too!
Ok, enough bragging, my girls are cute...whatcha gonna do?? :-)

Christmas Program

I promised that I would try to get some pics posted and fill you all in on the here it goes!
We had a carry-in dinner and voter's meeting after church, so I was afraid it would take a LONG time and there would be no time for me...I mean the kids to relax and rest. Fortunately it was the SHORTEST voters' meeting I've ever been to! Basically they read the proposed budget for 2008...a person made a motion to accept the budget as stated...seconded...voted passed...and that was it! (Of course there was an opening prayer, closing prayers, etc...but that was ALL the business!!!!) YIPPEE! We had time to go home and just chill for a while. I told the kids to lay down for 15 minutes and then they could get up. Andrew took me up on the 15 minute offer...but I had to wake Bethany and Abbigail up after the had slept for an hour so we could get ready for the program.
They looked absolutely adorable!! Abbigail's bangs are long enough now that they sweep to the side, but they don't stay very well...they kept sweeping down into her eye and annoying her, but boy did she look grown up! Bethany's hair actually cooperated as was a good hair day for the Prochnow kids! :-) (Silly, I know, but hey, it was noteworthy!!)
One little girl ended up with the stomach flu and didn't come, luckily she is one of the 3-year olds and didn't have any individual parts (just a finger-play and songs). We missed her but the show went on!
Andrew had me a bit concerned, he kept jumping on and off the step and making noises with his mouth all during the last rehearsal...and while we were downstairs preparing to go up for the program. So right before we went up I pulled him to the side and told him that every time he got of his step or made an inappropriate noise, he would loose the XBox for a day. IT WORKED!! I had 3 or 4 people comment afterward that he stood like a statue or a soldier. SO STILL!! I was amazed! I was so proud of him, and made sure I told him so! YEA ANDREW!!
All of the kids remembered their lines, I was so proud of all of them! There was a bit of a problem with the microphones, so some of the congregation couldn't hear all of what the kids were saying, and I felt bad but there was nothing I could do at that point. The videos all went well and they could be seen and heard. I am so blessed to be the wife of such a "techy" hubby...please remind me of that later I'm sure. He took the videos that I shot and edited them and added special effects (a star to the wise men and what looked like moonlight to the cute!) and then ran the computer during the program.
Bethany was the youngest in the program. She also had a hard time standing during the rehearsal so we decided that she would stand with the kids just for the finger-play and then sit with me in the front row for the rest of the program...well she had other plans. She sat with me for a little bit, then went and stood by Andrew. She did the finger-play, and then REFUSED to come and sit back down. I had two choices, I could let her stay there wiggling and being silly, or I could drag her back to the pew kicking and screaming...and try to finish directing the rest of the program with a screaming Bethany sitting between my legs. Well, I opted for the no-screaming route. Though she wiggled and was silly, she was not noisy and the program continued. She was distracting (to me at least) but at least she wasn't throwing a temper tantrum.
I did not take any pictures of the actual program, it is a worship no flash photography, besides I was TOO BUSY trying to keep on track!
All in all it was a great program and I am SO VERY PROUD of all of the kids!!!! They really surprised me on how well they came through with their lines! What a wonderful opportunity to be able to share not only the baby born in the manger, but what that baby became to the world, and to us. It is such an honor to work with and teach God's little children about their savior!
After the program we have a tradition of handing out "treat bags" to the kids which consist mostly of peanuts, apples, oranges, and a few candies. We also have to go in the basement for cookies and apple cider...yummy! Here is a picture of Bethany discovering her orange! She was so excited (as if we don't have 15 oranges in the fridge!! :-))
Here is one of my favorite pictures from the power point that we had going. At first I just took a picture of a doll in the manger, but it looked so stupid! I called up Angie (one of my child care moms) and asked if I could borrow E for a while to take her picture. She was wearing a pink outfit, so the blankets had to cover it all up, but she laid there just laughing and adorable!!!
Thank You, God, for coming to earth as that helpless little baby, born in a stable, cradled in a manger. You didn't stay that helpless babe, you grew up to be so much more...a servant, our good shepherd, a wise teacher, the King of kings, our Savior, our friend...thank you for all you did for us, and for forgiving us even now. Thank you for helping me to make it through the past few weeks and learning even more about you. Thank you for reminding me what Christmas is all about.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playing in the SNOW!!

We were only home for about 1/2 hour yesterday...but Bethany and Abbigail took advantage of this time by playing in the snow. They were a bit sad that they couldn't make a snowman, but the snow was just too cold and powdery. They made a couple of cute snow angels, and tried to get me with snowballs...but see...they couldn't even do that! :-) The snow simply could NOT stick can see the powder flying up, but it didn't get me!!! ;-)
Yes, those are bags of trash sitting by the fence...our trash can was frozen shut and I didn't have gloves on when I took them out. I went back out and got it open so the trash could be put in it! Andrew decided his little bit of free time could better be used playing the Xbox instead of freezing his fanny off...I was busy getting LOTS of things ready for today (potluck at church, Sunday School, and the Children's Christmas program). I'll make a post about today another time, right now I think I'm just going to go turn off my brain for a while, I'm exhausted!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bethany is just wierd!!

Abbigail, Andrew and Bethany all got matching jammies for Christmas from my parents a few years ago (their cousin Ella also received the same jammies...soooo cute!!)....and they ALL still fit. I have a habit of buying things a bit big so they can use them for a while...apparently I got these really big. The only problem is that Bethany's jammies are the one piece footed kind...well they used to be. She wouldn't wear them, even though they are her warmest jammies because "I want my feet stick out!!!" So...I cut them off. The feet on the jammies that is! Now she's proudly wearing the jammies, and the feet! Her tootsies were cold, so she put the feet of the jammies back on as slippers...silly girl! By the way, they aren't that short, I had her lift her arms up so that you could see that they weren't attached! Also...Andrew was still in the tub, he has the matching jammies, too!


Apparently my previous post was confusing! I AM NOT going to be serving as the secretary. I told the trustees that they could either find a new secretary or find Warren a new wife...I WILL NOT serve as both! The bulletin I'm working on is just the one for the Children's Christmas program...nothing more! Warren is having to do most of the bulletin himself since they don't have anyone right now, and I didn't want to put the program's bulletin on him, that's why I'm doing it...NOT SUNDAY's STUFF!!! I love my husband dearly, but working with him is not a good idea. Some couples can work together in a professional environment, and we did this for 4 years. However, sometimes it was extremely stressful, and we just don't enjoy that part of it! Also I have committed to keep the childcare children through this school year, I would not leave these families in a lurch if I have any choice in the matter.
Anyway, just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding!

We survived the ice!

The weather and roads were bad enough on Tuesday to cancel school. We allstayed home and stayed cozy! I was busy printing the Christmas letter and working on the Christmas program. I also was able to finish binding and tying the quilts I have been making for my girls. I embroidered Abbie's initials and 12-07 on one, and need to do Bethany's monogram...then they will be FINISHED!!! YEA!! I have some material left over, so I might make some throw pillows to match, we'll just have to see!
I found out yesterday that my dad will not get out of the hospital for Christmas. He asked if I would mind having our family Christmas in his hospital room....of course! W wouldn't even consider doing it at the house without him! Don't ever doubt that, Dad...wherever our family is, that's home...whether that be a hospital room, living room, cabin in Arkansas, or hotel room in Hawaii...we'll be with YOU!!!
Well. I've got a fussy baby, and she doesn't like me typing with one of the hands that should be holding later all!

Monday, December 10, 2007


What a day! It's cold, and raining. It has been misting/raining all day. Now it is a full-on downpour. The scary part is that it is only 33 degrees...just another degree or two and we're in for it! Last Dec. 31 we had 2-3 inches of ice, covered with took months for it to melt off. Power was out for weeks out in the country. This evening we were at Pizza H*t for a Christmas party when the power went out there...luckily we were done eating and paying already. We came home to find that we still have power, for now! We cranked the heat up so we'll be nice and toasty just in case it goes out. We have pulled out our flashlights and lit one candle (a yummy smelling one, so it's not just for light!) Some friends of ours have a fireplace, so if we do loose power and it gets too chilly, we can go huddle at their house!! So...just in case I'm offline for a while, you know why. (Not that I've been all that great at keeping up lately! So much to do with Christmas on the way!) I was on the computer all weekend, but didn't get to update my blog, I just checked on a few friends...I was busy getting Christmas stuff ready. I finished my Christmas letter (now I need to print it, label the envelopes, stamps, and mail them!), worked on a Christmas gift for my parents and my mother-in-law, and worked on the bulletin for the Children's Christmas program that will be held this Sunday. The WONDERFUL woman who has been my husband's secretary since we arrived here decided to take a full-time position else-where. :-( She has become such a great friend, I'm so thankful that God put her in my life (she's the friend with the fireplace!)...anyway, since she is no longer working at church, and no replacement has been found, YET, I am on my own for doing the bulletin. I think I have a pretty good draft ready for proof reading. Hopefully tomorrow's weather won't be too bad and I can get a copy printed. The Christmas gift I am working on is a calendar. I make a collage of pictures for each month. For January, I use pictures that I took last January (etc.) It's so fun to see how the kids have grown in just a year! I also personalize the calendar part by putting in all the birthdays, anniversaries, baptismal birthdays, etc. I know my mom treasures this calendar, and I think my mother-in-law likes it, too. I know my mom reads my blog, but after 3 years of calendars, I think if I didn't make one she would be upset, so it's not really a surprise! (Mom, just act surprised, ok??) I hope everyone out there is warm, toasty, and safe. No, this is not what it looks like here...YET! I'm sure it will be like this in a few hours, or at least by morning!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Need advice!!

Ok, I guess I didn't think I'd taken enough pics today so I decided to do the Christmas photo session with the kids...I don't think it was a good idea. They were in GOOFY moods and I didn't get any pics that I LOVE, some that aren't bad. Please leave a comment on which one is your favorite so I can decide which one to put on the Christmas letter...THANKS for your help!!!
(These are pre-finishing...I can take out the red-eye and crop if needed)





And here are some of the "GOOFY" pics!

So....which one is your favorite?????

Life is crazy

Leave it to Kansas weather! Yesterday morning we had to cancel the "BIG" Christmas program practice because it was so icy that you couldn't even walk without falling on your the afternoon it was 72 degrees...go figure! We rescheduled and had the practice this afternoon. We used a digital video camera to record some of the scenes (the ones with the kids in biblical costumes) so they don't have to wear costumes or remember all the lines on the night of the program. That night they will wear their "Christmas outfits" and sing songs and recite their other lines. The recording session went so well. They were all so cute!!
My favorite scene was when they all dressed up as angels (well, all but the two oldest boys!), so adorable!! Here they are singing "GLORIA"
Of course we had shepherds, wise men,(yes, Andrew is staning on a small chair!) and the funny pic of the 'not-so-perfect' angels, with their halos on crooked!! One picture was supposed to be of someone pretending to be a Sunday school teacher, and the students...we used a REAL Sunday school teacher and her students...she is the ULTIMATE SS teacher, she's a wonderful woman whom I appreciate so much!
Last night after our 70 degree day, Santa rode into town on a firetruck. Apparently Santa is a Chiefs fan!
Yesterday afternoon I rode with two of my aunts and a cousin to visit my great-aunt Louella. She was a wonderful woman, so classy. She had a fall on Tuesday and things just didn't look good. She wasn't able to communicate, but she kept humming parts of hymns. I tried to figure out which hymns she was humming and sang them for her (as much as I could). I even started singing some well loved Christmas songs...and she smiled. I almost cried. She kept reaching out and saying "It's so beautiful!" and "I love you." We told her we loved her, too...but I don't think she was talking to us. What was she seeing? Whom does she love?? I can only imagine. I think perhaps she was seeing the angels coming to get her, or Jesus himself.
Louella went home to be with her Heavenly Father this morning. I'm thankful that I was able to go to her side and reassure her of our love for her. She had no children, so she was always another "grandma" to me. She called us all her sweeties. We always loved it at Christmas (or any other time) when Uncle Larry and Aunt Louella would arrive. We will miss her very much, but I am glad she is in heaven with God now, and no longer alone (Uncle Larry died many years ago and she's been living alone all this time...I worried about her, but knew that she had MANY friends who checked in on her often).