Monday, December 10, 2007


What a day! It's cold, and raining. It has been misting/raining all day. Now it is a full-on downpour. The scary part is that it is only 33 degrees...just another degree or two and we're in for it! Last Dec. 31 we had 2-3 inches of ice, covered with took months for it to melt off. Power was out for weeks out in the country. This evening we were at Pizza H*t for a Christmas party when the power went out there...luckily we were done eating and paying already. We came home to find that we still have power, for now! We cranked the heat up so we'll be nice and toasty just in case it goes out. We have pulled out our flashlights and lit one candle (a yummy smelling one, so it's not just for light!) Some friends of ours have a fireplace, so if we do loose power and it gets too chilly, we can go huddle at their house!! So...just in case I'm offline for a while, you know why. (Not that I've been all that great at keeping up lately! So much to do with Christmas on the way!) I was on the computer all weekend, but didn't get to update my blog, I just checked on a few friends...I was busy getting Christmas stuff ready. I finished my Christmas letter (now I need to print it, label the envelopes, stamps, and mail them!), worked on a Christmas gift for my parents and my mother-in-law, and worked on the bulletin for the Children's Christmas program that will be held this Sunday. The WONDERFUL woman who has been my husband's secretary since we arrived here decided to take a full-time position else-where. :-( She has become such a great friend, I'm so thankful that God put her in my life (she's the friend with the fireplace!)...anyway, since she is no longer working at church, and no replacement has been found, YET, I am on my own for doing the bulletin. I think I have a pretty good draft ready for proof reading. Hopefully tomorrow's weather won't be too bad and I can get a copy printed. The Christmas gift I am working on is a calendar. I make a collage of pictures for each month. For January, I use pictures that I took last January (etc.) It's so fun to see how the kids have grown in just a year! I also personalize the calendar part by putting in all the birthdays, anniversaries, baptismal birthdays, etc. I know my mom treasures this calendar, and I think my mother-in-law likes it, too. I know my mom reads my blog, but after 3 years of calendars, I think if I didn't make one she would be upset, so it's not really a surprise! (Mom, just act surprised, ok??) I hope everyone out there is warm, toasty, and safe. No, this is not what it looks like here...YET! I'm sure it will be like this in a few hours, or at least by morning!


Rebecca said...

Hey Andie! I do hope you don't get hit TOO bad with that ice stuff! It is sounding PRETTY nasty around the country! I can't even IMAGINE having the power out for WEEKS! I can barely stand a DAY!

I used to be in charge of bulletins in my old church. It was a big job. All the secretarial work plus the work of wife and Mama, not to mention tasks of the season...I guess you are pretty busy these days! Good to hear that there is still JOY in that busy-ness. :-)

I love the calendar idea. I made one for my mom several years ago and she cherished it. I have thought of doing so again...even buying the blank calendars, but somehow it slipped my mind...maybe next year?! :-)

Wendy said...

Well the weather might be a pain but it looks pretty!!! Hang in there..

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this year's calendar. Yes I do treasure them and I will act surprised!!!!

I hadn't heard that you were becoming a secretary again. I know you will miss your buddy, but hopefully the friendship won't change. Love ya - BW