Sunday, December 2, 2007

Need advice!!

Ok, I guess I didn't think I'd taken enough pics today so I decided to do the Christmas photo session with the kids...I don't think it was a good idea. They were in GOOFY moods and I didn't get any pics that I LOVE, some that aren't bad. Please leave a comment on which one is your favorite so I can decide which one to put on the Christmas letter...THANKS for your help!!!
(These are pre-finishing...I can take out the red-eye and crop if needed)





And here are some of the "GOOFY" pics!

So....which one is your favorite?????


Rebecca said...

You don't LOVE these photos?!?! Your children all have such BEAUTIFUL smiles in EVERY single one! It was hard for me to pick. I think I finally picked #25 because red-eye was much less noticeable but #22 would be perfect if you could correct the red eye with a photo program like Picasa (free) or Photoshop (not free). OTHER favorite is the last one you posted. They are goofing off-but that is what makes it so FUN! If it were me~ I would print my pictures smaller and glue that one and a normal one side by side!

Your children are just beautiful and positively OOZE sweetness! Love your Christmas decorations too!

Susan Buetow said...

#25 and then #3
I actually love the goofy ones the best especially the last one.!!!!
Too bad your children aren't happy!! haha love, susan

Elizabeth said...

I am more of a traditionalist I suppose, so #22 was my mostest favoritest :) BUT, ALL OF THEM ARE ADORABLE!!! :)

Loni said...

They are all cute. I can't get Natalie to smile a normal smile for her Christmas picture to save my life!! Your kids are such good "smilers". I personally like #22, or the last's hilarious!

Andie said...

My kdiddos are usually "CHEESY SMILE"ers, too...I tried to get real smiles by tickling, making funny faces, and telling jokes. Their faces kept getting goofier and goofier...thus the "GOOFY" pics, and then we went back to normal smiles!
Thanks for your advice...and for thinking my kiddos are cute..I think so, too! they are pretty sweet, most of the time.

Jenny said...

#3 & #25 but all are cute

Steffie B. said...

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?????? They are great! Love the last one, but I think you got several good ones! ;)

Andie said...

Ok, so here's what I finally decided....I put a larger #22 (the one with Bethany's head cocked to the side a bit) on the Christmas letter, but I also put in a small copy of the last goofy one...I just couldn't resist!
Thanks for all the comments!!!!
Christmas Blessings to all my bloggy buddies!

ronvic7 said...

I like you picks- they are good pics, gotta love those funny ones.
Such cuties!

Unashamed said...

Ah, you picked the one I liked best (22) but the wacky ones are great too!