Sunday, November 29, 2009

My blessings.

During this time of Thanksgiving and Advent, I think a lot about my family, my blessings, my gifts. I want to take this time to give you a bit of an update about my children, my biggest blessings.
Abbigail My Abbigail is amazing. She surprises me. She is growing by leaps and bounds. Yes, she is growing a bit taller, but not nearly as tall as she would like. The jeans that I hemmed at the beginning of the school year are starting to look a bit short on her. So, yes, she is growing. However, the growth I am talking about is more intellectual. My little girl has always been "smart." She has always seemed inquisitive, curious, and knowledgeable about so many things! She was reading at a 3rd grade level at the end of kindergarden. She is now in the fourth grade and reading at over a 7th grade level. She has read so many books in her school library that they are now bringing books from the middle school for her to read. She loves reading so much! She is always asking questions that I haven't even thought to ask. One of her Christmas gifts (DON'T TELL HER IF YOU SEE HER!!!) is a set of books called "100 things you should know about..." there are many books in the series such as "the Earth" "the Human body" "weather" etc...). We recently met with her teachers, the school principal, and a school resourse specialest to come up with strategies to help her be more challenged in her classroom. She does work rather slowly, but she gets it right! Abbigail is always singing a song or reading a book...and sometimes both. She is in a special after-school choir. She loves to go to dance class and art class. She is a busy girl!
AndrewMy little man. Oh how I love him! Andrew has recently turned 8 years old. I can't believe he is THAT old! I love him so much, but he can infuriate me like no other! He can be so sweet and kind. He can be be selfish and can he be both in the same minute? I don't quite know! He is also growing like a weed!!! He put on some pants this morning for church that fit perfectly fine less than a month ago, this morning they are WAY short on him! These pants now look like they are almost capris! Seriously, a month ago they fit fine, and now they are about 2-3 inches short! No wonder this kid is ALWAYS hungry! He is also a very smart cookie! He scored THE highest of all second graders on some standardised testing. WOW! We are wondering where these kids got their brains and Hubby and I have deduced that we didn't use ours, so we just gave them strait to our kids! Andrew has started taking gymnastics this year. Somethign that surprised his dad and me! He loves it! It is an all-boy class. He enjoys his boy scouts, and wrestling will start this week. He's a busy kid as well!
My "Little Bit." What a sweet heart she has. She is still my baby and loves to snuggle as much as possible. She would sleep in my bed every night if I let her! She is still my baby, but she is growing up so quickly as well. She says she is too old for princesses and "baby stuff." But she goes over to play with the neighbor girl who is 2...she says she HAS to play princesses with "H" because that's what she likes to play! I think it is just an excuse to play with the "little" stuff since she still likes it, too! She takes after her brother a bit in the "temper" department. She is so sweet and loving, but if you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, watch out!! She is doing well in school, just like her siblings. She is scoring as if she was at the end of Kindergarden instead of the beginning! She decided to take gymnastics this year instead of dance classes. She has fun running and tumbling. She is now a "Daisy" scout and enjoys making the crafts and having fun. She is a little social butterfly. Love my Little Bit!
My husband is one of my biggest blessings. He is so wonderful to us. He likes spending time with us and makes sure we are never in need. He works so hard for God and our congregation. He is always there when people need him. He is such a wonderful pastor, father, friend, and husband. I love him SO!
God is good. He is so kind and generous to have blessed me so richly!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Picture Post

Here are a bunch of pictures I have neglected posting. They are in random order because I don't have the time or energy to fix them. you go!

Abbigail waiting for more kiddos are all baby bunnies in the high school musical this week. This was last night's rehearsal where they all got to wear their costumes and try on the make-up. Tonight is the REAL dress rehearsal.

Bethany is full bunny make-up...she just needs her hair in piggies...

Andrew loving the attention while he gets his make-up!

Abbigail's bat costume. I was worried about trick-or-treating in all black, so I stitched some of the glow-in-the-dark bracelets to the back as her "bones" in her wings.
My kiddos...Jedi, Charpei, and a bat!

Abbie is so proud of her cat!

Andrew did this skeleton all by himself!

Bethany picked up my camera and wanted a pic of us!

Andrew finally cleaning out his "stinky" pumpkin.

Abbigail cleaning out her pumpkin.

Bethany cleaning out her pumpkin.

Andrew at the homecoming parade.

Abbigail at the homecoming parade.

Bethany at the homecoming parade.