Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a FULL day of preschool...

18 three-year-olds in one room, 2 teachers...pure chaos...ok, not complete chaos, but at times I thought it was close. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure tomorrow will be much more relaxed. Out of 18 we only had one crier...and he was fine after his mom was only gone for about 2 minutes. My mind went blank and I could remember only two of my transition activities and NO "goodbye" songs. I couldn't even remember the prayer the rest of the preschool says before snack. All I could remember was the prayer we say at home (God is Great, God is good...) So, that's what we said. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember the prayer, the transition activities/songs, and everything else!
My co-teacher seemed much more prepared today, and I was very impressed with all her skills! She's a very good teacher (which I always knew!) and I'm so thankful God has given me the opportunity to work with her. After a morning with 18 3yos who have never been in school before, to an afternoon with 12 4yos who have a year and a day of school under their belt....the afternoon felt like a vacation! :o) We had so much fun with them! And I know the 3's will get it soon...it's all so new for them. Sitting and listening, doing what you are told instead of whatever you want. Putting things away when you are done with them instead of just going somewhere else....they will get it!
One tough thing was Bethany. My 4 yo class was out on the playground when her class came to join us. We do plan it that way so that all the kids can play together for a while, then my class goes inside so the other class can have the playground to themselves for a while. Well, Bethany latched onto me, and didn't want to let go. She just wanted ME! BROKE MY HEART!! I had to leave her with her teacher (two women I trust completely, they are both great teachers whom Bethany knows and loves), as I walked my class back to the building I could hear her crying "I want MOMMY!" I'm crying now just thinking about it...ok, so I'm tired, but it really did break my heart! We only had about 15 minutes left of school, so we weren't apart for long, but still. She came running to my room as soon as the classes were dismissed and wrapped her arms and legs around me and wouldn't let go. We had to go pick up Abbie and Andrew from their school and she wanted me to carry her. She burried her head in my shoulder and pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to anyone. She's really having a tough time sharing me with all the other kids. And now, the poor baby isn't feeling well. I think she might have a UTI (she's going to kill me someday for sharing this on my blog!). She says her bottom hurts and when she was going potty, she stopped herself because it hurt so bad. She's been doing so great with the night potty training, so well that she can now wear panties to bed...could she have made herself sick by trying to hold her urine? I don't know but Hubby is picking up some cranberry juice on his way home from a meeting tonight. Hopefully she'll be better in the morning. I even had her wear a pull-up to bed tonight just so she wouldn't have to worry about anything, and she didn't argue at all about it. Please pray for my Baby...she's got it so rough right now.
I'm really questioning right now if I've made a mistake going back to work. What have I done to her?

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day is DONE!

First of all...THANK YOU for saying a prayer for me! I really appreciate the support!

The first day with the 4 year olds is done. We had fun. We played a game about the rules. We colored. We practiced writing our names. We played outside. We read stories. We sang songs. We had fun...oh, I think I said that already.
It was a bit awkward for me. I'm used to being in charge of a classroom. That is how it was in the past, I was in charge and had a teacher aide. But this year I am co-teaching with another lady. We have not taught together before. So...since we don't know each other's teaching style, she is teaching the 4's and I'm teaching the 3's for the first month or so, and then we will re-evaluate how we want to co-teach. Well, being the aide, I wasn't always sure what I was supposed to do, where my boundaries were, etc. The kids need to see me not as an aide, but also as their teacher. It was nice because I got to sit back and watch the kids instead of teaching...got to watch them in action. I also got to see the way my partner does things. We are very different, but not in a bad way. She's more of the grandma-type....loving, yet strict, rigid, yet soft (does that make any sense?) I do a lot more 'transition' activities than she did. I ask a lot more questions than she did. It will be interesting to see how this year develops. My co-teacher has been teaching for 20 years and is very good at what she does, though she does not have any formal training except for the professional development required by the state. I have a college degree in early childhood education, but only 4 years of teaching experience. Like I said, it should be an interesting year. We will ALL learn a lot!!
Tomorrow the 3's come in for the first day. It should be a whole new ballgame! These little ones will probably have a hard time. For many of them this is the first time they will be away from mom. It will be scary. Please say a prayer for not only me, but also for all these precious little ones.
Well, it's 6:02, and I think I need to figure out what is for supper...I'm thinking sloppy-joes, cantaloupe and cucumbers (the custodians at preschool have a wonderful garden, and they share their bounty!! What a blessing!) . Maybe a little ice cream for dessert!!!
Night all-


I am SO NERVOUS!!! Preschool starts in about 30 minutes. I AM NERVOUS!!! Have I told you I'm nervous? I have the major butterflies going. I think I may loose the granola bar I just ate for lunch. WHY am I so nervous???? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I love teaching! I love telling kiddos about Jesus and what He has done for us. I love singing songs with them. But yet, I'm nervous.
Please say a prayer for me today!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Can you say FRUSTRATED???? I am FRUSTRATED! We alwys buy backpacks for our kids when they go on clearance, for the next year. You know, after school starts they sell all the ones they have left for more than 50% off??? Well, that is when we buy them. We put them away for the NEXT school year. We actually found Abbie's pink one over 1 1/2 years ago on clearance for only $5. It is SO cute! I love it....I almost stole it and used it for myself. Now I'm glad I didn't. Second day of school...and the zipper is broken. One of the zipper pieces is completely broken off, and the other one catches ALOT and won't do it's job wihtout a lot of coaxing. I guess my only consolation is that it wasn't a lot of money, but STILL! I guess we're going back pack shopping again this weekend!

First Day of School

OK...QUICK post! I've got about 10 minutes before my next OPEN house for preschool (nope, someone showed up, it's all over now...just getting ready for the first day, better hit "Post" before I forget!!!)...I wanted to share the pictures of my BABIES on their first day of school! Aren't they just ADORABLE!!??? And not the least bit ornery!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ooff Da, Oy Ve, Good Grief What a Week!

I seem to have used "What a week" a few times, so I thought I'd add a few extra words to help describe my week.
It all started on Monday...I met the other teachers at preschool and we spent the next NINE hours arranging, rearranging, and arranging again our rooms. We then spent the rest of the week changing things again, and getting a TON of other things ready. We laminated about a million things (by hand with clear contact paper...but the BIG things we paid the elementary school to laminate with their machine), which means we also cut out about a MILLION things. We went through our supplies, made many items to help organize our classes. Wow, seems like we were there FOREVER this week.

Hubby stayed home with the kids on Monday so I could focus on my work, but the rest of the week the kiddos were with me. They did really well. One of the other teachers brought her girls, and our 5 kids played well together and occupied each other.
We all agreed that we would take Monday off to be with our older kiddos who start school on Tuesday. But then while they are at school on Tuesday we are having a power-planning session. We are going to try to map out the year. Basic themes (letter of the week, Bible story or book of the week) and do more detailed planning for the first 6 weeks. After this major planning party, we should be able to do the rest of the detailed planning pretty easily. After we have the basic planning done, then I can get to work on the journal that the kiddos will be working on daily to help them learn to love to write, color, and basically learn to express themselves and be creative. We have our planning session on Tuesday and open houses on Wed & Thurs. School starts next Monday.
For those of you in the education field, we are using two curriculum this year: Handwriting Without Tears and ZooPhonics. Both have a lot of good aspects about them. I'm excited to learn more about them...and they always say you learn best by teaching to others!
Our current student count is 34 three-year-olds and 28 fours. The 3's classes are going to be challenging, but we will survive...no, we will THRIVE! We are going to have so much fun!

This has been a very fun week, and I am totally exhausted. Besides just being so busy, I've also had difficulty sleeping. I guess I'm having another bout of insomnia...I guess this school thing is stressing me out more than I thought. So, I went out this afternoon and bought some sleeping pills. I battle insomnia every once in a while. When I was pregnant with Bethany I had it really bad. My midwife told me it was safe to take unisom while pregnant and it totally worked. So, this is what I got today, I am praying it works its magic again! I go to sleep fine, but wake up between 2 & 3 and am awake until usually 5 or 5:30! Next week when the kids are back in school I will have to get up at 5:15 to get my walk in...so I NEED that sleep between 2 & 5!
So...here's to a GOOD night's sleep!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry it took me so long!

And I don't even have the pictures I wanted to share! I've got a few pictures, but not an "after" picture...just some "in progress pictures." So....without further adu....

During (Abbie)
After (under my chair)
Yes, we got our HAIR cut! Mine is short (just below my shoulders) and layered. Abbie's is a chin-length bob. Andrew also got his hair cut, pretty short! And, Bethany felt a little left out, and needed a bang trim anyway, so I trimmed her up...and then took 2 inches off her back! Her hair is almost to her shoulders, too! We got A LOT lighter (from hair!) in this house yesterday. Abbie and I got about 8 inches cut off, each. We're going to save a TON on conditioner! So far, I LOVE my cut!! Sorry this is such a bad picture, but I just took it myself...hopefully you can see a bit of the hair...I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow! :o)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Guess what I did today!!!

Go ahead. GUESS!!! You'll never guess!!! But, I'm too tired to download a picture, and I forgot to take another picture, so you'll have to come back tomorrow to find out WHAT I DID TODAY!!!! (Hint....Bethany, Andrew, and Abbigail also did this....and Hubby did it last week). (Hint #2...I LOVE IT!!!)
See you tomorrow...I'll spill the beans then!

Nighty Night all!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ice cream for dinner!

How could I forget...we had ice cream for dinner tonight! Well, that was the idea anyway. We were all tired, and played outside with the other kids until 7:30. The kids said they were hungry, but not TOO hungry. I wasn't too hungry either...but figured I should feed the kids before sending them to bed. I've heard of other moms surprising their kids by serving ice cream for dinner, so I thought I'd try it! I asked Abbie what she thought about ice cream for dinner. She didn't like the idea, she said it wasn't healthy. Well, no, but for once it's ok. Nope, nothing doing. She said she needed something healthy first, like a hot dog....(SNORT! Her idea of healthy is a hot dog, what have I done to this poor kid!???) Finally we decided that if we made it a banana split, it would pass for "healthy" ice cream dinner. Bethany didn't worry about the health factor and asked for extra whipped topping on hers! Andrew, who was in the shower while I was getting the girls their 'dinner' agreed with Abbie that ice cream was not a proper dinner, so he had a pb&j. I steamed an ear of corn or two, and then had my ice cream!!!
Refusing ice cream for dinner??? What is wrong with these kids??? :o)


Has it really been a week since I've posted? Are you sure? I can't remember that many days! I've been a very busy little worker bee this week. Does my house look wonderful? No, a bit better, but not much! I've been VERY busy at preschool. I have nearly all of my paperwork done (well, lots left, but SO much done)...I have furniture moved around. I've called parents. I mailed 70(ish) letters to students. I've organized our enrollment papers...again and again!
I've also spent a lot of time outside this week with the kids. BOTH of my older kids learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels this week. If you will remember, during spring break I ran behind their bikes ALL week, with a little improvement, but not a lot. We have new neighbors (I've mentioned this before)...but they have completely changed the dynamics of our street! We love and miss Terry & Glenda (our old neighbors), but this is fun. We now have three families with kids the same age (we all have a 6 year old and a 4 year old, one family has twins 11 months, one has a 1 year old, and we have Abbie, 8 yrs). NONE of us can go outside without having ALL the kids rush out! The kids and I were sitting down to dinner one evening (Hubby was working late) and we heard the bikes start. I went to see who was playing, and told my kids who was out there. Then the questions "Are they using training wheels?" No...they are ALL (except the 4 yr olds) on 2 wheels. "Mom, don't tell them I can't ride!" After supper the other kids were inside so we went out and were going to try it again. We didn't even make it to the church parking lot (across the street from us, where we ride bikes) before we had 2 other families joining us! Andrew took off right away, never looked back! Abbigail tried a few times, but then it started raining, so we all went to one house so the kids could play and the moms could talk (boy, I love having these moms next door!). The next day Abbie wanted to try again and she took off!
The next day I took the kids swimming and Bethany decided she was going to try something new, she now can go down the slides by herself, but I still catch her! All my babies are growing up so quick!
We enrolled in elementary school. Andrew has the same teacher as Abbigail had in first grade. She is a nice lady, and it's a lot of fun. Abbigail has a man for a teacher. She's a little nervous, but everyone says he's a lot of fun. (BTW, Abbigail's teacher and his wife had a baby today...or at least that was the plan, can't wait to hear about it!). While we were there enrolling the kids, I spotted Mrs. Wonderful (Abbie's teacher from last year who HAD cancer, she's now in remission). I pointed to her and said "Look who's here." to Abbie. She looked and looked, it took her a little bit before she recognized her (she has REALLY short hair, just growing back from the chemo)...and then took off running to give her a BIG hug. Boy it was good to see her! She's doing wonderfully! Also while we were there, Bethany decided that she has been at preschool enough, and is ready for Kindergarten. Poor girl has been in the preschool a lot lately, so I'm REALLY trying to cut down!
Also, I spent the afternoon (at least a portion of one) on the phone making our Walt Disney World reservations! We are all set to go...plane tickets, check! Room reservations, CHECK! Park tickets, CHECK! Meal reservations, CHECK! Meal plan paid for, CHECK! YIPPEE!!! IT's really happening! Come on January!!!
Well...that's been our week. Oh, wait...Andrew has also been attending wrestling camp the past two days....as if we didn't have enough going on!

Hope you are all having a great week...try to take a breath, and I will too! Next week I'll try to get the camera out once or twice and have some pics!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Mom and Dad's Anniversary Party

Despite the sadness I still feel, we had a great time this evening celebrating 40 years of marriage for my parents. They rented a building (Thank GOODNESS for air conditioning! It was over 100 degrees!!) and we had lots of good food and fun with so many people! Nearly all of my Wichita family was there. There were only two cousins who were missing, and my two aunts (Marilyn, I hope your elbow is healing and not tooo painful. Patty, you should have skipped your camping trip, it's too hot out there anyway! ;o)) and their husbands. One cousin had a good excuse, she had a baby this morning! (Congratulations Kym and Jesse, I can't wait to see pictures of Layne!) The other one, I'm not sure where he was...but anyway, it was wonderful to see everyone else. Lots of Mom and Dad's friends came to show their love and support. I tried to get a good picture of Mom and Dad, but he couldn't stop talking long enough to smile!
One of my cousins who I haven't seen in probably at least 3 years was there, but it felt like we had just seen each other last week. She has a blog, and it's been so wonderful to keep up on each other's lives even though we don't see each other or even talk on the phone...it was SOOO good to see you Loni! Let's not let another 3 years go by!! I want to see that little girl in your tummy when she's still a baby! :o)
As we were chatting with my cousins, we realized that all of us girl cousins were there (except Kym, but we figured we would let it slide) so we wanted a picture. As we got all together, Loni and I started looking around. So, why are 4 of them so tall and blond, and then there are Loni and I, not so tall and absolutely NOT blond? Well...looking at the picture, some of the blonds are more blond than others! :o) Go figure...Oh, well...we'll love them anyway, won't we??!! :o) The tall blond with short hair directly behind me just found out that she is expecting her second child in the spring, Loni is expecting her 3rd little girl in November, and Kym had a baby today...The family just keeps growing and growing! My grandparents have 12 grandchildren and 16 great-grands (with two more coming soon!).
There was this fun heart/love confetti on the tables, and the kids (ok, Dad {MY DAD} started it) would lick the confetti and stick it to their faces. They kept telling us that they were their tattoos! How funny!
Here is Bethany with her two youngest cousins...they just LOVE being together! They have SO much fun! (Oh, look, now Dad is smiling!)
I just wanted to put a few of these pictures up so everyone can see my awesome family.

Prayers Please

A terrible tragedy has occurred. I'm still in shock a day later. One of my students (he was in Bethany's preschool class last year) and his family were in a car accident on Wednesday evening. Another car hit a deer and that deer flew through their windshield and killed the dad. The deer went entirely though their truck, in the windshield and out the back window. Lisa (the mom) was able to grab the steering wheel and bring the truck to a stop. The family was on their way home from a baby shower. The mom and Jaren were admitted to the hospital for observation (all three, Mom, Jaren, and the unborn baby are all doing fine physically) overnight, but have been released. I cannot even imagine loosing my husband. Just the thought of being left alone, and alone to raise two children...I can't breath.
One thing that freaks me out is that I went on a trip with the girl scouts on Wednesday. Most of the girls were in a small bus, but another leader and I followed in her van so our little ones could be in their car seats. We went on that exact stretch of road less than 30 minutes before the accident occurred. And yes, we saw lots of deer. Oh, My, Goodness...I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about what could have happened, and what did happen. It was a freak accident. Nothing could have been done to prevent it, but WHY? I'm not angry at God, I'm just so sad. I can't imagine what Lisa and Jaren are going through right now.
The funeral has been scheduled for Saturday morning, and I can't even be there. We are in Wichita to celebrate my parent's 40th anniversary, the party is tonight. We could leave after the party and drive at night, getting home early Sat. morning, but I just don't see the need. Lisa is going to need support for a long time, not just tomorrow. I am praying for her nearly constantly...

Anyway, just asking for prayers for this dear woman and child. Such a wonderful family. Pray for strength, comfort, peace...
Go hug your babies, and your husband. Make sure they know you love them. Don't let them doubt it for a moment.