Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry it took me so long!

And I don't even have the pictures I wanted to share! I've got a few pictures, but not an "after" picture...just some "in progress pictures." So....without further adu....

During (Abbie)
After (under my chair)
Yes, we got our HAIR cut! Mine is short (just below my shoulders) and layered. Abbie's is a chin-length bob. Andrew also got his hair cut, pretty short! And, Bethany felt a little left out, and needed a bang trim anyway, so I trimmed her up...and then took 2 inches off her back! Her hair is almost to her shoulders, too! We got A LOT lighter (from hair!) in this house yesterday. Abbie and I got about 8 inches cut off, each. We're going to save a TON on conditioner! So far, I LOVE my cut!! Sorry this is such a bad picture, but I just took it myself...hopefully you can see a bit of the hair...I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow! :o)


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Elizabeth said...

Dontcha just LOVE a new haircut/style??? :) You Look Great! I just bought hair highlighting stuff today and plan on doing my hair very soon just as a pick-me-up :)

Loni said...

Your hair looks cute! Can't wait to see another picture of it...and of your kids new hair as well!