Friday, August 7, 2009

Boys will be boys!

I am sitting here on the couch watching my husband and our neighbor (our friend!) play football on the XBOX. FUNNY! They are so funny. I am so glad that my husband is just hanging out with a friend. Being a pastor (and a pastor's wife) is a wonderful blessing that comes with many challenges. It is hard for pastors and their families to make good friends. We have lots of friends, but not necessarily GOOD friends. It is hard to find people who don't expect you to be perfect or judge you for every single thing you do. It's hard to have a "bad" day. People tend to put pastors on a pedestal and forget that they are simply human. They make mistakes just like everyone else. But they also like to have fun.
I have been so blessed in the past year...first because of my job I have gotten to know a bunch of wonderful women. One happens to be our neighbor. They moved in about a year ago. Our other neighbor down the street has also become a dear friend. We like to get together and just talk. I forgot how nice it is to have people you can just be expectations, no judgements, just friendship, support, love. THANK YOU GOD!!!! One thing that helps with these relationships is that neither of these women attend our church. They are both wonderful Christian women, but they attend different churches here in our town. I have had friends in the church, but it is different. I can't complain or tell them anything negative about my husband because he is their pastor (not that I do that often, but sometimes EVERYONE needs to vent!!)
We have gotten together with our entire families, including husbands and children...and even our husbands get along really well. The other husbands thought at first that it was quite "odd" to drink a beer with a 'preacher'. Now they just see him as "Warren." He is their friend, their buddy. They are playing video games. They stand out by the back fence and talk. They have a beer. They talk about sports, technology stuff, grilling, etc. They are just guys and I am so thankful that my husband has these friends. It has been so long since we have had true friends that we didn't have to put on our "pastor and pastor's wife" hats around...I am just so thankful to have these wonderful friends!! We are so blessed!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Cow...August already??

Where did July go? Where did summer go for that matter? Oh, yea...ball games took most of June. July was filled with VBS prep and fun, as well as fair time prep and judging for Abbigail's 4-H projects.
It seems like summer is just getting started, but it is really almost over. School shopping has happened (3 kids in school...EXPENSIVE!) and I am working daily in my classroom. We have open houses next week for my preschool and school starts on the 18th and 19th.
I am excited and sad about this school year. This is the only year that all 3 of my children will attend the same school. Bethany will be in Kindergarten, Andrew in 2nd grade, and Abbigail in 4th grade. Next year Abbigail will be in (BRACE YOURSELF!!) middle school. Yes, my baby is already checking out all the things she can have in her l
ocker!! She also is under the impression that when you get to middle school you get to pick whatever classes you want! Wouldn't that be nice!??!

This month we had a new window put in our living room. It is wonderful!
The old window was original to the house, so it was about as old as me! It didn't open, and the sun coming through the window in the afternoon/evening was HOT! We honestly couldn't use this room very much in the summer because it just got so hot. Since we had our new window installed, I have painted the living room and rearranged the furniture about a million times. We also went out and got a new TV and entertainment center this week since our old TV died. That made me rearrange yet again, and I'm still not happy. Maybe tomorrow I'll get it right! Maybe we'll get our curtains hung back up again, soon!! ;o)
I ran/walked my first 5K on July 4th. It was a fund raiser for the park we are trying to have built here in our town. A wonderful, beautiful park...a very expensive park! I finished the 5K (that was actually more like 7...long story!) While I was walking/jogging the 5K, my wedding ring scratched my other hand. I looked down to see what had happened and realized that the diamond from my wedding ring was GONE!!! I was SO sad. There is no telling when I lost it or where. The 5K was held at the state park close to our town...did I loose it somewhere on the trail? At home? In the grass? No idea. It was a small diamond, but it is the one Hubby gave to me when he asked me to be his wife. On my birthday, we took the ring to a jeweler to see about getting a new diamond put in the ring. The jeweler said that my ring was wearing thin and would need some major repair, and that a new diamond simply would not fit (remember, VERY small diamond originally). So, Hubby bought me a new ring for my birthday (and our anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas, and anything else for about the next 5 years!!). Isn't it pretty?I feel like a looser since I've been neglecting my poor blog. I am going to try very hard to be more faithful about posting...I started this to keep my family updated on the kids, and also to "journal" about our lives since I don't take time to scrapbook often enough. While I love facebook for connecting with friends both new and old, it is not a journal. It is not a place to write down stories about what my children are doing and learning. It is not where I take time to list my challenges, my blessings, and my victories. This is that place, and I miss it. Blogging world...I'm back (and I hope not to get lost again!!!)