Friday, August 8, 2008

Ice cream for dinner!

How could I forget...we had ice cream for dinner tonight! Well, that was the idea anyway. We were all tired, and played outside with the other kids until 7:30. The kids said they were hungry, but not TOO hungry. I wasn't too hungry either...but figured I should feed the kids before sending them to bed. I've heard of other moms surprising their kids by serving ice cream for dinner, so I thought I'd try it! I asked Abbie what she thought about ice cream for dinner. She didn't like the idea, she said it wasn't healthy. Well, no, but for once it's ok. Nope, nothing doing. She said she needed something healthy first, like a hot dog....(SNORT! Her idea of healthy is a hot dog, what have I done to this poor kid!???) Finally we decided that if we made it a banana split, it would pass for "healthy" ice cream dinner. Bethany didn't worry about the health factor and asked for extra whipped topping on hers! Andrew, who was in the shower while I was getting the girls their 'dinner' agreed with Abbie that ice cream was not a proper dinner, so he had a pb&j. I steamed an ear of corn or two, and then had my ice cream!!!
Refusing ice cream for dinner??? What is wrong with these kids??? :o)


Anonymous said...

I want dinner at your house - Dad

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, the kiddos not wanting ice cream for dinner!

Once when our doggy had to be put down, my mom let us eat Strawberry Shortcake for dinner. As much as we wanted. AND in the living room. But even though it tasted good, we still would have rather had Mary Lou back!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your Dad will remember that as kids once in awhile, (and I can't remember the circumstances that would cause it) we would have white cake with hot peaches for dinner. It was GREAT!! I guess the fruit made it healthy. Anyway, I think ice cream for dinner is a marvelous idea, and think I'll try it too. Aunt Patty.