Friday, August 8, 2008


Has it really been a week since I've posted? Are you sure? I can't remember that many days! I've been a very busy little worker bee this week. Does my house look wonderful? No, a bit better, but not much! I've been VERY busy at preschool. I have nearly all of my paperwork done (well, lots left, but SO much done)...I have furniture moved around. I've called parents. I mailed 70(ish) letters to students. I've organized our enrollment papers...again and again!
I've also spent a lot of time outside this week with the kids. BOTH of my older kids learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels this week. If you will remember, during spring break I ran behind their bikes ALL week, with a little improvement, but not a lot. We have new neighbors (I've mentioned this before)...but they have completely changed the dynamics of our street! We love and miss Terry & Glenda (our old neighbors), but this is fun. We now have three families with kids the same age (we all have a 6 year old and a 4 year old, one family has twins 11 months, one has a 1 year old, and we have Abbie, 8 yrs). NONE of us can go outside without having ALL the kids rush out! The kids and I were sitting down to dinner one evening (Hubby was working late) and we heard the bikes start. I went to see who was playing, and told my kids who was out there. Then the questions "Are they using training wheels?" No...they are ALL (except the 4 yr olds) on 2 wheels. "Mom, don't tell them I can't ride!" After supper the other kids were inside so we went out and were going to try it again. We didn't even make it to the church parking lot (across the street from us, where we ride bikes) before we had 2 other families joining us! Andrew took off right away, never looked back! Abbigail tried a few times, but then it started raining, so we all went to one house so the kids could play and the moms could talk (boy, I love having these moms next door!). The next day Abbie wanted to try again and she took off!
The next day I took the kids swimming and Bethany decided she was going to try something new, she now can go down the slides by herself, but I still catch her! All my babies are growing up so quick!
We enrolled in elementary school. Andrew has the same teacher as Abbigail had in first grade. She is a nice lady, and it's a lot of fun. Abbigail has a man for a teacher. She's a little nervous, but everyone says he's a lot of fun. (BTW, Abbigail's teacher and his wife had a baby today...or at least that was the plan, can't wait to hear about it!). While we were there enrolling the kids, I spotted Mrs. Wonderful (Abbie's teacher from last year who HAD cancer, she's now in remission). I pointed to her and said "Look who's here." to Abbie. She looked and looked, it took her a little bit before she recognized her (she has REALLY short hair, just growing back from the chemo)...and then took off running to give her a BIG hug. Boy it was good to see her! She's doing wonderfully! Also while we were there, Bethany decided that she has been at preschool enough, and is ready for Kindergarten. Poor girl has been in the preschool a lot lately, so I'm REALLY trying to cut down!
Also, I spent the afternoon (at least a portion of one) on the phone making our Walt Disney World reservations! We are all set to go...plane tickets, check! Room reservations, CHECK! Park tickets, CHECK! Meal reservations, CHECK! Meal plan paid for, CHECK! YIPPEE!!! IT's really happening! Come on January!!!
Well...that's been our week. Oh, wait...Andrew has also been attending wrestling camp the past two if we didn't have enough going on!

Hope you are all having a great week...try to take a breath, and I will too! Next week I'll try to get the camera out once or twice and have some pics!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - it is amazing what Peer pressure can do. Thankfully this was a positive thing with the bike riding. I'm sure it has only began. Tell Abbie that I had a man teacher in elementary school and I liked him. I hope her teacher is great - because she certainly is! Love all of you and hope your mind can begin to think of other things besides pre-school soon. Jill also has spent the week at school - getting her room ready and then meetings on Thursday adn Friday. I guess summer is coming to a close - like it or not. Love ya - Mom