Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a FULL day of preschool...

18 three-year-olds in one room, 2 teachers...pure chaos...ok, not complete chaos, but at times I thought it was close. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure tomorrow will be much more relaxed. Out of 18 we only had one crier...and he was fine after his mom was only gone for about 2 minutes. My mind went blank and I could remember only two of my transition activities and NO "goodbye" songs. I couldn't even remember the prayer the rest of the preschool says before snack. All I could remember was the prayer we say at home (God is Great, God is good...) So, that's what we said. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember the prayer, the transition activities/songs, and everything else!
My co-teacher seemed much more prepared today, and I was very impressed with all her skills! She's a very good teacher (which I always knew!) and I'm so thankful God has given me the opportunity to work with her. After a morning with 18 3yos who have never been in school before, to an afternoon with 12 4yos who have a year and a day of school under their belt....the afternoon felt like a vacation! :o) We had so much fun with them! And I know the 3's will get it soon...it's all so new for them. Sitting and listening, doing what you are told instead of whatever you want. Putting things away when you are done with them instead of just going somewhere else....they will get it!
One tough thing was Bethany. My 4 yo class was out on the playground when her class came to join us. We do plan it that way so that all the kids can play together for a while, then my class goes inside so the other class can have the playground to themselves for a while. Well, Bethany latched onto me, and didn't want to let go. She just wanted ME! BROKE MY HEART!! I had to leave her with her teacher (two women I trust completely, they are both great teachers whom Bethany knows and loves), as I walked my class back to the building I could hear her crying "I want MOMMY!" I'm crying now just thinking about it...ok, so I'm tired, but it really did break my heart! We only had about 15 minutes left of school, so we weren't apart for long, but still. She came running to my room as soon as the classes were dismissed and wrapped her arms and legs around me and wouldn't let go. We had to go pick up Abbie and Andrew from their school and she wanted me to carry her. She burried her head in my shoulder and pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't have to talk to anyone. She's really having a tough time sharing me with all the other kids. And now, the poor baby isn't feeling well. I think she might have a UTI (she's going to kill me someday for sharing this on my blog!). She says her bottom hurts and when she was going potty, she stopped herself because it hurt so bad. She's been doing so great with the night potty training, so well that she can now wear panties to bed...could she have made herself sick by trying to hold her urine? I don't know but Hubby is picking up some cranberry juice on his way home from a meeting tonight. Hopefully she'll be better in the morning. I even had her wear a pull-up to bed tonight just so she wouldn't have to worry about anything, and she didn't argue at all about it. Please pray for my Baby...she's got it so rough right now.
I'm really questioning right now if I've made a mistake going back to work. What have I done to her?


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tip about UTI...I think my girlie has one too and I have never had one myself so I hadn't the first clue how to handle it.

I'm sure it is an adjustment for 3 year olds to have structured schooltime and to all be on the same page. The first day of school is SUPER exciting, who can contain it?!? It will get better soon!

As for Bethany, poor baby! That would have broken my heart too!! Remember though, this is very NEW to her. This was the decision you made and she will get used to it, after some time. Eventually, she'll learn to love the idea of you close, and relish those moments without freaking out. I am thankful that the time your classes meet up is in the afternoon, not morning though....

Anonymous said...

Andie, I feel for you and Bethany. It's really hard to share your Mommy. I remember being Loni's Brownie leader and she had a very hard time letting me help the other little girls, or sit by them. I was HER Mommy and she just didn't understand why I would need to spend time with any of them. I'm sure it's hard for both of you right now, but I bet you get used to it, and Bethany will remember and realize that she's number one in your heart - no matter how many little kids take your time. Good luck with her UTI. I think Loni is battling one right now. Very Painful!
Love - Aunt Patty.

Anonymous said...


I struggle with the same issue of working but I can tell you I've done my own research and in my ten years of teaching I've found all my favorite students who have characteristics that I would love for my children to develop as they grow up have all had working moms. In fact I've talked to two elderly women whom I dearly adore and ask them what it was like raising kids when all a mom did was stay home and they have both reasured me they watch me enjoy my kids far much more than they ever got to because they had much bigger families and they spent the entire day sewing, gardening, canning, etc. So when I get down about working which is pretty much everyday I say a little prayer and somehow the good Lord helps me make it through. Angie

Elizabeth said...

Work is an adjustment for everyone involved, but especially for kiddos...Hang in there, Bethany will get adjusted, I'm sure!
Have a good week at work this week :)