Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where have I been???

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? And what a post to leave you all with...such a downer. Sorry about that. Life really hasn't been THAT bad! It really hasn't. School is going well, and I've only chased off a few families. (Wink, but really, I have...long story...maybe I'll share some time, you know I'm just really a terrible person who won't work with ANYONE!) Bethany is enjoying school(when we meet at recess now, she comes and gives me big hugs and then runs off to play, YIPPEE!), Abbigail and Andrew are as well. For September, there are WAY too many viruses going around already. I kept Andrew home from school on Friday for a terrible cough, and he's still coughing, but not as bad. Bethany got it on Sunday and she's doing much better. Abbigail started coughing yesterday and is already mostly over it. I tell you what...those asthmatic lungs just take a while to get over stuff like this. I'm going to give my doctor a call tomorrow if I remember and ask him if there is anything Andrew and Bethany can take as a preventative type thing for the winter. They were just SO sick last winter with all that crud, I don't want a repeat!
We had a wonderful weekend!!! My mom and dad arrived Friday evening and stayed till Monday. My brother and his wife and their little girls even came on Saturday-Sunday. Mom and Dad haven't been here since Thanksgiving of '06...Dad got sick in Jan. of '07 and has been recovering ever since. Aaron and Jill haven't been here since Bethany's baptism in May of '04...before their girls were even born! The kids had so much fun playing together that there were MANY tears when they had to leave on Sunday. We didn't do anything "BIG" while my family was here, just spent time together, played a lot of games, Guess Who, Monopoly Jr, Uno, and Rock Band. Ask my mom and dad how "Rock Band" is!! That was HILARIOUS!! Love you guys!
Life is good...tiring, but good. I don't remember being THIS tired when I taught full time 9 years ago, but then again, I am older....and now I have my 3 blessings to add to the mix. I will get used to it, and hopefully have some energy again soon! My hubby decided to do something special this weekend. He started thinking about how many meetings and times he gets called away in the evening for church (his work) stuff, so he is now taking a couple of hours off in the afternoon to be with our kids. I was racing from preschool to pick up our other two at the elementary school (they dismiss 10 minutes later than us) and then bringing them back to preschool to get ready for the next day. Well, now he picks the older two up from school and brings them home, gets them started on homework, etc. He stays with them till I get home, and then if he doesn't have a late meeting he goes back to church until supper time...if he does have an evening meeting, he just stays home until supper, then goes back. The kids are getting time with their dad, and that is so it really helps me out so now I don't have to race over to get them and then have all 3 at preschool while I'm trying to get stuff done, and this was all his idea!!! Thanks Honey, you are such a wonderful husband and father!!!
I have gotten some complements about some of the things I have changed at the school, so that is always nice!! :o) that better? Not such a downer??? I'm sorry, I didn't even take any pictures this weekend with my family here, just two of my parents playing rockband...I'll post those as soon as I have time!
Thank you all for your prayers and support, it really does mean a lot to me!

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