Thursday, September 4, 2008

Apparently no one missed me. :o(

I was gone for 8 one emailed. Then I do post, and no one responds. I guess no one missed me....Oh, Woe is me... (As my dad used to tease...)
Nobody likes me.
Everybody hates me.
Guess I'll go eat worms!

ICK! Whoever thought that up was just out to hurt himself!

Really, I'm not upset, just wondering if I chased all my readers (all two of you) off with my downer post. I hope not, I'll miss you!

Another good day at school today. I felt a little more on my game, and Bethany went to Miss Terri's willingly. I'm really enjoying getting to know the other ladies I'm teaching with. I wasn't sure that we would all get along...not sure our personalities would mesh. But, we are getting along. We are having fun. We are becoming good friends. Thank You, God. I need more friends!

Preschool and going to Miss Terri's seems to be completely exhausting to Bethany. She fell asleep on my lap last night at 5:30, I woke her up to eat at 6:30, and she was down for the night before 8:00. Tonight she fell asleep at 4:45, and woke around 6:00 to eat. She went to bed at 8:00...and is exhausted still! Maybe I'm going to have to move her bedtime up to 7:30...7:00? Abbigail napped every day until she went to 1st grade at 6 years old. Bethany just being 4 could still use a nap, so I guess she's just taking a late nap in the early evening. That's fine, as long as she still sleeps at night, but then she is sad because she misses out on the playtime with the neighborhood kiddos. Maybe she will adjust to this new schedule and not need the extra sleep, but if she does, we will just have to up her bedtime.

Abbigail is trying to adjust to 3rd grade. I am completely surprised at the difference between 2nd & 3rd grade. Her amount of homework has increased, but more than that, is the amount of responsibility she is being given. She has a homeroom teacher who teaches the majority of her classes. She does go to other classrooms/teachers so she can get a few of the subjects (reading and math I think) at more of her own level. All the 3rd graders are mixed for these classes so the ones who need extra help can get it, and those who need extra challenges can get it...I believe Abbigail is in the "needs extra challenges" groups. The 3rd graders have a "agenda book" that they are to keep track of their assignments, and parents are to sign them each night. This is great, but Abbigail doesn't always write quickly, and sometimes doesn't get the assignments written down (I know this is something she needs to work on). We are also working on making sure we bring home ALL our homework (and our lunchbox!! Yogurt left in lunchbox, at school, over Labor day weekend...EWWWW!). I'm also trying to help her take responsibility for her actions. When she doesn't do something, she always has someone to blame (someone was talking to her, the teacher didn't give her time, I didn't study her spelling words with her {I didn't even know they had started spelling last week!!}). I'm trying to help her understand that these are her responsibilities, yes, I will help when I can, but I can't help her with something I don't even know about! She's having a lot of fun with her teacher, a MAN! He has so many fun ideas. Last week they studies about cells in science. Each child made a cell at home with their families. On Friday they had a "Cell-abration" and showed off their cells and each of them recieved an award...Abbigail's was "Clearest Cell" because it was made out of baggies, M&M's, a piece of bubble gum (UNchewed), a piece of cotton. Just one of his fun ideas!
Andrew has the same teacher that Abbigail had in 1st grade. She's really nice, and already doing a bunch of fun things with them. One cool thing is that each child has a binder that they bring back and forth each day. There are folders and pockets in the binder for everything from homework, library books, reading lists, notes for the parents, lunch menu, and checked homework. There is even a section of plain notebook paper for us to write notes back and forth to each other. I use a folder with my preschool parents that has paper inside as our "parent communication folders" I think this is great!
Well, I need to finish a few things before I can go to "That's All Folks!"


Anonymous said...

Yes, I missed your blogs and I really miss seeing and visiting with you everyday! I love reading them and keeping up with your family! I hear the sleep thing with Bethany I can't ever see Houston giving up his nap Lindsay has been playing with them outside in the morning and then he is exhausted and usually falls asleep just after lunch and is still sleeping when I get home. Which this year I'm getting home a bit early because Lindsay has somewhere else to be at 3:30. Actually it really makes me feel good so I don't think I'm missing out on too much of their day. I better get I promised Houston we'd make some cookies for tomorrow because Lindsay's neice is coming over. I'd love to hear from you sometime!
Miss you,

Rebecca said...

oh stop! Of course you were missed. And you have more than two readers!

But just as YOU are busy with this whole new school schedule-so is everyone else! Blogging, naturally takes a backseat to life, and commenting on other blogs, naturally gets pushed even further behind.

Glad to hear you are well in school and at home!

Andie said...

Rebecca...I was just teasing! I know everyone is busy. Life is busy, and blogging is one of those fun, extra activities that is the first to go when life happens. I understand, I was just teasing! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

I missed you, too. I check often, and love when I see you've had time to write something. No, I don't always comment, but just know that I'm here and waiting.
Love - Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

great aunts think alike. I'm a taker not a giver on these blogs.I read them but few do I comment on. Just know that I'm here and reading-I love your family life and you. aunt mariyn

Elizabeth said...

I have to be honest, my blogging time is limited both posting and commenting. It's not that I don't want you, it's just that I have a hard time finding the time. Often I go in order according to my list of blogs and after I've posted one or two comments, one of the kiddos needs me so I am not able to comment right away, and forget about it.

I hope you can forgive me!

Anonymous said...


I only read the first 8 lines of this post. I missed you, because *I* have been gone. I am sorry you felt unloved!

I promise to catch up soon. Just way too many things to do in getting this licensing finished up.

*hugs* and Happy Preschool to you!