Thursday, August 21, 2008


Can you say FRUSTRATED???? I am FRUSTRATED! We alwys buy backpacks for our kids when they go on clearance, for the next year. You know, after school starts they sell all the ones they have left for more than 50% off??? Well, that is when we buy them. We put them away for the NEXT school year. We actually found Abbie's pink one over 1 1/2 years ago on clearance for only $5. It is SO cute! I love it....I almost stole it and used it for myself. Now I'm glad I didn't. Second day of school...and the zipper is broken. One of the zipper pieces is completely broken off, and the other one catches ALOT and won't do it's job wihtout a lot of coaxing. I guess my only consolation is that it wasn't a lot of money, but STILL! I guess we're going back pack shopping again this weekend!

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