Sunday, December 2, 2007

Life is crazy

Leave it to Kansas weather! Yesterday morning we had to cancel the "BIG" Christmas program practice because it was so icy that you couldn't even walk without falling on your the afternoon it was 72 degrees...go figure! We rescheduled and had the practice this afternoon. We used a digital video camera to record some of the scenes (the ones with the kids in biblical costumes) so they don't have to wear costumes or remember all the lines on the night of the program. That night they will wear their "Christmas outfits" and sing songs and recite their other lines. The recording session went so well. They were all so cute!!
My favorite scene was when they all dressed up as angels (well, all but the two oldest boys!), so adorable!! Here they are singing "GLORIA"
Of course we had shepherds, wise men,(yes, Andrew is staning on a small chair!) and the funny pic of the 'not-so-perfect' angels, with their halos on crooked!! One picture was supposed to be of someone pretending to be a Sunday school teacher, and the students...we used a REAL Sunday school teacher and her students...she is the ULTIMATE SS teacher, she's a wonderful woman whom I appreciate so much!
Last night after our 70 degree day, Santa rode into town on a firetruck. Apparently Santa is a Chiefs fan!
Yesterday afternoon I rode with two of my aunts and a cousin to visit my great-aunt Louella. She was a wonderful woman, so classy. She had a fall on Tuesday and things just didn't look good. She wasn't able to communicate, but she kept humming parts of hymns. I tried to figure out which hymns she was humming and sang them for her (as much as I could). I even started singing some well loved Christmas songs...and she smiled. I almost cried. She kept reaching out and saying "It's so beautiful!" and "I love you." We told her we loved her, too...but I don't think she was talking to us. What was she seeing? Whom does she love?? I can only imagine. I think perhaps she was seeing the angels coming to get her, or Jesus himself.
Louella went home to be with her Heavenly Father this morning. I'm thankful that I was able to go to her side and reassure her of our love for her. She had no children, so she was always another "grandma" to me. She called us all her sweeties. We always loved it at Christmas (or any other time) when Uncle Larry and Aunt Louella would arrive. We will miss her very much, but I am glad she is in heaven with God now, and no longer alone (Uncle Larry died many years ago and she's been living alone all this time...I worried about her, but knew that she had MANY friends who checked in on her often).

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful grandchildren - they are "all" my favorites. What fun to see the SS practice pictures too. You are loved. BW