Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We survived the ice!

The weather and roads were bad enough on Tuesday to cancel school. We allstayed home and stayed cozy! I was busy printing the Christmas letter and working on the Christmas program. I also was able to finish binding and tying the quilts I have been making for my girls. I embroidered Abbie's initials and 12-07 on one, and need to do Bethany's monogram...then they will be FINISHED!!! YEA!! I have some material left over, so I might make some throw pillows to match, we'll just have to see!
I found out yesterday that my dad will not get out of the hospital for Christmas. He asked if I would mind having our family Christmas in his hospital room....of course! W wouldn't even consider doing it at the house without him! Don't ever doubt that, Dad...wherever our family is, that's home...whether that be a hospital room, living room, cabin in Arkansas, or hotel room in Hawaii...we'll be with YOU!!!
Well. I've got a fussy baby, and she doesn't like me typing with one of the hands that should be holding later all!


Loni said...

I'm glad to hear you all got through the ice storm ok. Wichita didn't get cold enough to have a lot of ice...thank goodnes!
Can you please email me your address so I can mail your Christmas card..and then I will email you mine back!!
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Andie, is that comment about a hotel room in Hawaii a hint?? If so, it sounds great to me. Love you kid.