Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Apparently my previous post was confusing! I AM NOT going to be serving as the secretary. I told the trustees that they could either find a new secretary or find Warren a new wife...I WILL NOT serve as both! The bulletin I'm working on is just the one for the Children's Christmas program...nothing more! Warren is having to do most of the bulletin himself since they don't have anyone right now, and I didn't want to put the program's bulletin on him, that's why I'm doing it...NOT SUNDAY's STUFF!!! I love my husband dearly, but working with him is not a good idea. Some couples can work together in a professional environment, and we did this for 4 years. However, sometimes it was extremely stressful, and we just don't enjoy that part of it! Also I have committed to keep the childcare children through this school year, I would not leave these families in a lurch if I have any choice in the matter.
Anyway, just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding!

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