Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bethany is just wierd!!

Abbigail, Andrew and Bethany all got matching jammies for Christmas from my parents a few years ago (their cousin Ella also received the same jammies...soooo cute!!)....and they ALL still fit. I have a habit of buying things a bit big so they can use them for a while...apparently I got these really big. The only problem is that Bethany's jammies are the one piece footed kind...well they used to be. She wouldn't wear them, even though they are her warmest jammies because "I want my feet stick out!!!" So...I cut them off. The feet on the jammies that is! Now she's proudly wearing the jammies, and the feet! Her tootsies were cold, so she put the feet of the jammies back on as slippers...silly girl! By the way, they aren't that short, I had her lift her arms up so that you could see that they weren't attached! Also...Andrew was still in the tub, he has the matching jammies, too!

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