Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Quilts...early

I caved. I was trying to play catch-up today for a lot of the stuff I've let slide in the past few weeks since I've been so busy with the Christmas program and stuff. I washed all the bedding and remade the beds...have I ever told you I HATE bunk-beds! Love them for the room they save, HATE putting sheets and blankets on them!!!! Since Andrew got one for his birthday, now I have to make 2 bunk beds! ARRRGGGHHH!!! Anyway, that's not the point!
When I was about to put Bethany's blanket back on top of her sheets I decided I was going to give the girls' their quilts a bit early. I have been working on those quilts off and on for about 18 months, and since I finally finished them last week, I REALLY wanted them to be able to use them...I'm almost as bad as the kids about waiting for Christmas to open gifts!!! So, without further adu...may I present, the quilts! :-)
They are so snuggly! When Abbigail crawled up in her bed for the picture, she laid down and didn't want to come back out, she LOVES it!!! The top is flannel and the backing is a jersey t-shirt snuggly! I'm thinking I want one!
And then we added all their stuffed animals and babies...I hope the girls don't grow too much taller or they won't have room for all their "fluffy families."
Abbie's fluffy family
Bethany's fluffy family...I think that girl needs to clean out under her bed!!!!
And I just LOVE this face!!!!
Kinda like this one, too!
This one's sweet, too!
Ok, enough bragging, my girls are cute...whatcha gonna do?? :-)


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful job you did! They are so VIBRANT and FUN! Your girls must LOVE them! And to use a jersey sheet...that DOES sound comfy! You have been a busy beaver, but isn't it a great feeling to see the excitement on your kids' faces when they see something that you have created just for them? Makes all the work worthwhile...

Carol said...

Beautiful...a talent I don't have...I bow to you!

Bunk beds...yes I know! I hate them too! I am so glad we went to two twin beds for the boys!