Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Program

I promised that I would try to get some pics posted and fill you all in on the here it goes!
We had a carry-in dinner and voter's meeting after church, so I was afraid it would take a LONG time and there would be no time for me...I mean the kids to relax and rest. Fortunately it was the SHORTEST voters' meeting I've ever been to! Basically they read the proposed budget for 2008...a person made a motion to accept the budget as stated...seconded...voted passed...and that was it! (Of course there was an opening prayer, closing prayers, etc...but that was ALL the business!!!!) YIPPEE! We had time to go home and just chill for a while. I told the kids to lay down for 15 minutes and then they could get up. Andrew took me up on the 15 minute offer...but I had to wake Bethany and Abbigail up after the had slept for an hour so we could get ready for the program.
They looked absolutely adorable!! Abbigail's bangs are long enough now that they sweep to the side, but they don't stay very well...they kept sweeping down into her eye and annoying her, but boy did she look grown up! Bethany's hair actually cooperated as was a good hair day for the Prochnow kids! :-) (Silly, I know, but hey, it was noteworthy!!)
One little girl ended up with the stomach flu and didn't come, luckily she is one of the 3-year olds and didn't have any individual parts (just a finger-play and songs). We missed her but the show went on!
Andrew had me a bit concerned, he kept jumping on and off the step and making noises with his mouth all during the last rehearsal...and while we were downstairs preparing to go up for the program. So right before we went up I pulled him to the side and told him that every time he got of his step or made an inappropriate noise, he would loose the XBox for a day. IT WORKED!! I had 3 or 4 people comment afterward that he stood like a statue or a soldier. SO STILL!! I was amazed! I was so proud of him, and made sure I told him so! YEA ANDREW!!
All of the kids remembered their lines, I was so proud of all of them! There was a bit of a problem with the microphones, so some of the congregation couldn't hear all of what the kids were saying, and I felt bad but there was nothing I could do at that point. The videos all went well and they could be seen and heard. I am so blessed to be the wife of such a "techy" hubby...please remind me of that later I'm sure. He took the videos that I shot and edited them and added special effects (a star to the wise men and what looked like moonlight to the cute!) and then ran the computer during the program.
Bethany was the youngest in the program. She also had a hard time standing during the rehearsal so we decided that she would stand with the kids just for the finger-play and then sit with me in the front row for the rest of the program...well she had other plans. She sat with me for a little bit, then went and stood by Andrew. She did the finger-play, and then REFUSED to come and sit back down. I had two choices, I could let her stay there wiggling and being silly, or I could drag her back to the pew kicking and screaming...and try to finish directing the rest of the program with a screaming Bethany sitting between my legs. Well, I opted for the no-screaming route. Though she wiggled and was silly, she was not noisy and the program continued. She was distracting (to me at least) but at least she wasn't throwing a temper tantrum.
I did not take any pictures of the actual program, it is a worship no flash photography, besides I was TOO BUSY trying to keep on track!
All in all it was a great program and I am SO VERY PROUD of all of the kids!!!! They really surprised me on how well they came through with their lines! What a wonderful opportunity to be able to share not only the baby born in the manger, but what that baby became to the world, and to us. It is such an honor to work with and teach God's little children about their savior!
After the program we have a tradition of handing out "treat bags" to the kids which consist mostly of peanuts, apples, oranges, and a few candies. We also have to go in the basement for cookies and apple cider...yummy! Here is a picture of Bethany discovering her orange! She was so excited (as if we don't have 15 oranges in the fridge!! :-))
Here is one of my favorite pictures from the power point that we had going. At first I just took a picture of a doll in the manger, but it looked so stupid! I called up Angie (one of my child care moms) and asked if I could borrow E for a while to take her picture. She was wearing a pink outfit, so the blankets had to cover it all up, but she laid there just laughing and adorable!!!
Thank You, God, for coming to earth as that helpless little baby, born in a stable, cradled in a manger. You didn't stay that helpless babe, you grew up to be so much more...a servant, our good shepherd, a wise teacher, the King of kings, our Savior, our friend...thank you for all you did for us, and for forgiving us even now. Thank you for helping me to make it through the past few weeks and learning even more about you. Thank you for reminding me what Christmas is all about.

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