Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny story!!

Ok, I know...3 posts in an hour, but just read one more, and I promise I'll leave you alone...for now! :-)

We have a linen closet at the end of the hallway. I keep extra blankets, sheets, etc. in there. During the fall when I get out the extra blankets for our bed, it creates a lot of extra space in that closet. So...that's where I keep the Christmas gifts. The kids all know they aren't allowed in that closet, and they know why. Usually I have a basket of laundry that needs to be folded sitting in front of the seems to be a bit of a blockade so they don't bother it. Well, today I caught up on the laundry and the basket isn't there. They never have tried to look in the closet even though they know what's in there, they just know that they aren't allowed, and they are good about staying out....well, until tonight. I was working on supper and Bethany comes running down the hall yelling "ANDREW, ANDREW, ANDREW" She had opened the closet and rummaged around in a bag until she found a Spider man toy and was bringing it to the biggest Spider man fan in our home. He comes running around the corner to see what his sister was yelling about. He got a glimpse of it and covered his face and started yelling "CHRISTMAS PRESENT, CHRISTMAS PRESENT, CHRISTMAS PRESENT!" He knew exactly where it had come from and that he shouldn't be seeing it! He was so funny...tried to tell me that he didn't see it. He was afraid that if he admitted he saw the gift that it would be returned and he wouldn't get it. It wasn't his fault, he wasn't looking in the closet! :-) I don't think she got to her bag....guess I'd better finish wrapping!!!


Elizabeth said...

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted any comments..I just haven't had the opportunity! I have presents scattered all over the place needing to be wrapped, I'd best get on it too! It was funny about Andrew not wanting to admit he saw his gift, because he was afraid he would lose it- it makes complete sense, it just is funny to hear from a little guy.

The girls' quilts are beautiful, and they match the butterflies in their room so well :) You did a great job!!!

Alexa said...
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Leeza said...
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