Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I said I wouldn't be around this week, but I've blogged more this week than in many previous weeks...go figure!
Parent/Teacher conferences are tomorrow, so no teaching for me. I have to meet with the parents, but I usually talk to them every day, so I don't think it will be TOO big of a deal. No real concerns with my kiddos..they are just so much fun!
In the evening I have to meet with Andrew and Abbigail's teachers for their p/t conf. I hope they are doing well in school. Everything I see says they are doing fine, but I guess you never know unless you are their teacher! I've worked very hard with Abbigail making sure she brings EVERYTHING home and gets it all in on time. So hopefully that issue has been corrected since the progress report.
Garage sale stuff is mostly in boxes, priced, sorted, and in the garage. The garage still needs a bit of work, but Hubby said he would take care of it. Friday morning is the pumpkin patch with the preschoolers and their families. After we finish at the pumpkin patch, I will probably spend the rest of the day setting up for the garage sale. Saturday morning is the garage sale...hopefully I will get rid of A LOT of stuff!!! (And if I make a little $$ in the process that would be GREAT!)
Sometime between now and Saturday morning, I need to make a pumpkin cake for our preschool dinner on Sunday, and also a salad for the meal. I need to finish reworking Abbigail and Bethany's costumes to make them fit properly. Bethany's is almost done, but I still need to hem Abbie's. of my "to do" list!
Here is something I am thankful for: Not needing stitches! It was so cold and windy here today that I just CRAVED soup all day long. So when I got home I grabbed some stew meat out of the freezer and began making a big yummy pot of veggie beef soup. I always think the big chunks of stew meat are too big, so I cut them into bite sized pieces (much easier for the kids!). Well, apparently the knife finger has never bled so much...ICK! I started yelling (ok, screaming and crying!) and thankfully Hubby was home. He came and made sure I wasn't passing out and that my finger was still attached. (thank goodness I just took the first aid course! ;o))...I applied pressure with a paper towel for a long time, but each time I tried to switch to a band aid it just bled so badly! I was really thinking I was going to need stitches! Hubby wrapped gauze around my finger and then a REALLY tight layer of that stretchy tape stuff. I did make him loosen it when I realized that the end of my finger was PURPLE and COLD! About an hour later, I took that off and it was still oozing, but not RUNNING out. I have gone through 3 band aids, but I think it has stopped enough that it will heal on it's own. OOff Da...what a night. But boy was that soup good! Even have enough left to put a big tub in the freezer for later, and some in the fridge for left-overs. :o)

Bethany has been very tired lately. She's still trying to cope with not napping in the afternoons. More than a few days she has fallen asleep when we get home. Just laying in the middle of the floor, on a chair, the couch, car seat, anywhere! Every time I see her snoozing somewhere "odd" I just think "AWW, How cute!" and then snap a picture. So...wanna see some cute snoozing Beth? Here you go!
She fell asleep on the living room the sun started to set, it put a sunbeam right across her little eyes. Didn't bother her, though, she just kept on snoozing! (I did adjust the curtains so she wouldn't be BLINDED! But being the good blogging momma that I am, I took a pic first!)
She went out to ride bikes one day after school, then came in to see what Daddy was up to. Sat down to watch him play a video game, and lost it...with her bike helmet STILL on!
On Sunday I had her try on her costume "one more time" so I could check the hem. She begged to wear it for just a little I let her. 5 minutes later, Cinderella turned into Sleeping Beauty.
Tonight I was sitting in the recliner checking my email. She crawled up next to me and leaned on me. Pretty soon the phone rang and I went to answer it. When I came back, this is what I found. Poor sleepy girl! She is sleeping at night, but apparently not enough. Abbigail did nap every day until she went to 1st grade when she was 6, and Bethany is only 4 1/ babies are growing up!


Rebecca said...

That first one is straight from a scene of Star Wars! Too funny!

Poor girl, I hope she gets caught up soon! I always love how some kids can fall asleep ANYWHERE. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of Bethany are adorable and so funny. It's amazing what kids can sleep through, isn't it? I'm impressed at your capacity for getting stuff done. A garage sale on top of everything else your doing is over the top. I hope you make lots of money. Love, Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

I was showing the pictures to Ella and she said, "I hope her mommy did not let my cousin fall". Love you all - Dad

Anonymous said...

How was the garage sale?