Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend over...

Friday, Pumpkin patch...probably 10-15 families came. Lots of pumpkins, muffins, and MUD! Lots of giggles and muddy shoe smiles.

Saturday, Garage sale...LOTS of BIG stuff is gone! YIPPEE! Car seats, toddler slides, tricycles, and small bikes...not to mention bags and bags of clothes. However...still have TONS of clothes left. I'm thinking Goodwill is going to get a BIG load soon!

Sunday, Church and preschool dinner...went well! Well over 1/2 of our preschoolers were there to sing, so that was a great turn out! I spent the afternoon hemming Abbigail's Cinderella costume for Halloween. I bought it WAY too big and have had to take it up in the shoulders and hem a lot off of it...doesn't look very good, but she's not wearing it to prom! Andrew's costume is ready. Bethany's needs just a bit of work, maybe 1/2 hour and it will be ready! Now I'm trying to figure out a costume for myself...any great ideas?

So I have decided I should have gotten stitches in that finger of mine. I cut it on Wednesday, and every now and then it still starts bleeding. And, every time I even gently tap it on something, PAIN! OUCH!! Oh, boy does it hurt! But it's too late for stitches now, so I just keep bandaging it up until the band aid falls off, leave it off for a while, and then put a new one on. One friend keeps saying I need to superglue it...any thoughts?? Have any of you ever actually super glued a cut? I used this stuff called "New Skin" on Andrew's chin a few years ago...would that work here?
Anyway...I'm going to get somethings done so I can go to bed!

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