Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Costumes...I am the Eb*y QUEEN...or not!

Ok, so I've been looking at Halloween costumes for my kids. Usually we go really low key and "cheap" for the costumes. Last year Abbigail wore her previous year's dance costume (with a turtleneck). Andrew usually wears a sweat suit and then some addition to make it a costume. Last year I made a overlay (not sure what to call it) that made him be a ninja. Bethany wore Abbigail's old costume last year. It consisted of a turtle neck under a dance leotard (one from dance class) and a little skirt/tutu I made from ribbons. Usually we just rework what we have or add a small piece to make a cute cstume. Not this year! Since we are planning for our trip in January, the girls want to dress like the princesses when we go to Disney. So why not get the costumes now so they can wear them for Halloween and for our trip. We talked about having the girls wear their dance costumes from last year, but they would FREEZE if they went trick-or-treating in those things! What's the point of dressing up if you have to wear a coat over your costume!??!

I've looked in the stores and online. We can't find princess costumes in Abbigail's size in the stores because I guess more girls her size want to be sleazy witches and pirates...NOT my girl! Anyway...I have been trolling the Disney store website (I CAN get Abbigail's size here!) trying to get a good deal. Even with a coupon code, I couldn't get the total below $96!!! :-O And that was with FREE shipping!! CRAZY! Though we are planning on spending a bit more than usual, this is WAY more than we were planning! Last night when I was getting frustrated and a bit angry at the costs, Hubby said "Have you checked Eb*y?" So, I checked it out! Before I went to bed, I had "won" a Cinderella costume for Abbigail. With shipping hers will be $23. It is exactly what I was looking at on the Disney website for $39.99. Brand new still in the package and with the tags. It doesn't come with the crown, but that's ok...we can get one of those cheap enough at the dollar store! Around 3:00 I got Andrew his beloved Buzz Lightyear costume, again, much cheaper than Disney. His costume was used for dress up, but is in excellent condition. Now we're trying for Bethany's. I had one for her earlier, but got "sniped" just at the end. With less than 15 seconds left, someone came in and gave a little higher bid and I couldn't get a new bid in fast enough! I was so mad! But I guess that's how it works. So...I'm watching a few more Cinderella costumes for her.

Oh, the excitement! I can't believe how quickly my heart was beating! I could seriously get addicted to this....better not make a habit of this!


Karlee said...

Perfect choice..! You really got a nice deal on Halloween costume.

Anonymous said...

The costumes look great.....but I bet they had just as much fun last year! Your dad reminded me that these were doing double duty. So...great shopping. We love you and enjoyed our tele visit last night. Love M & D