Friday, October 3, 2008

I AM alive!

Yes, the reports of my demise are highly exaggerated. I am alive, I am kicking, and I am smiling. I am smiling because a cute picture of my kiddos just popped up on my can you not smile when you see these cuties! So...what have I been up to, since it has obviously not been blogging! sure gets in the way sometimes! :o) ;o)
Busy as usual, so I won't bore you with those details! Besides school, preschool, and all the other daily activities, Abbigail had her 4-H record book due this week. Boy oh boy was that a project! I don't think it would have been near the issue that it was if I had known about it from the beginning. Our 4-H club is great. They are all so friendly and helpful, when asked. However, they have all been doing 4-H since, well, forever...and they just do these things automatically and just assume everyone else knows what to do. I was supposed to have been keeping track of all the meetings we went to. All the extra get-togethers we participated in. All the meetings for projects. All the projects she missed out on. All the "talks" she gave. Also, all the "extra" things she does in school, church, and the community. Not to mention the pictures. Can you remember everything you've done since last November? How about what meetings your child went to and which ones she missed...NOT ME! So, don't tell the 4-H board, but this record book is NOT completely accurate! It is as best as I can remember and I'm sure I'm missing TONS! Well, lesson learned. I'll keep track this year!
We need to go to town to do some MAJOR shopping...and can't. We can't find the time! Looking at our schedules, we have something EVERY SINGLE DAY or EVENING until Thanksgiving! Two weddings two weeks in a row. Then I'm hoping to have another garage sale. After that, Hubby is out of town nearly every weekend until Thanksgiving! ARGH! We are seriously going to run out of TP before then! So, I guess I'll be heading to town on Sunday (with the kiddos) while Hubby goes to do the vacancy preaching thing. It's not that I don't like going alone, but we enjoy going to town as a family. We enjoy spending that time together and doing fun things together. I could get nearly all of my supplies here in our little town, but I would probably pay at least 1/3 more for our supplies...and what I will save by going to the bigger city will more than cover the cost of the gas to get there!
One fun thing about being a pastor's rehearsal dinners! We are usually invited to join in the meal. Now, normally, the rehearsal happens around 6 or 6:30, and dinner follows. Tonight's rehearsal was different. It started with the meal at 6:00...and most people didn't show up until at least 6:15. It was at a very nice restaurant here in town, one that I've never even been to! We've lived here for 4 years, and I've never been through the doors. Well, tonight I got the chance! It was nice, but very slow. With all the people for the rehearsal, and the normal Friday night crowd, we didn't finish eating until almost 9:00...and Hubby is still at the rehearsal and it is 10:15!! Anyway, the fancy restaurant....the kids and I were so excited about going there! We all got dressed up and were looking pretty spiffy! (oh, kinda off topic, but I wore my black pants which I haven't worn since the spring...and they are loose!!! YIPPEE!!) I just gently reminded them that this is a nice place, no running or talking loudly. Also, since my kids are just a tad on the picky side (understatement of the YEAR!) I reminded them that if they didn't care for the food, they should take a "thank you bite" and sit quietly. No nasty faces or "I DON'T LIKE THIS!" comments. By the time the food finally started coming out (salads about 7:15!) the kids were starving. However, Abbie and Drew declined the salad and each ate a roll. Bethany ate most of her adult sized salad...she was so cute sitting there wolfing down her lettuce! Andrew was the ultimate gentleman. He opened the doors for me and the girls. He even tried pulling out our chairs. However, poor guy, he was trying to pull out my chair for me, but I thought he was trying to sit where I was going to sit. I kept pointing to where he should sit and telling him to go over there...he just kept pulling on my chair. Momma didn't get it! Sorry, little man! He even pulled out the chair for his daddy! What a little gentleman! Considering they had to wait nearly two hours for their food, they did wonderfully! I was so proud of them!
It is now 10:30 and Hubby still isn't home. I hope the rehearsal is going ok! The groom is Philippino, and the family wanted a Philippino wedding tradition in the service, so Hubby did some research and is putting it in...I'm sure it is a bit more than he is used to doing in a wedding service...I can't wait to see it.
I love going to weddings. I sit there, staring at my Hubby uniting two people in marriage, and while he says the vows to them, I am repeating them in my heart. Every wedding is another chance to vow my love to MY LOVE! I love you, honey! I just heard the garage door go up, Honey is home! Nighty Night all!

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