Saturday, October 18, 2008

So guess who is sick??

No, THANK GOD, Abbigail is healthy as a horse. I guess the walk in the cold rain just made her wet and cold, but she stayed healthy. Nope, it's me. Actually I'm starting to feel human again after feeling pretty lousy for over a week. Last Thursday, my sinuses started feeling like a concrete truck had left it's load in my face. Friday when I woke up my throat, eyes, ears, and teeth felt like they were all going to explode. Each day I thought I would surely be better, and some days I did feel a bit better...but not much. Finally by THIS Friday (Yes, a WEEK later) I decided I had had enough, and broke down and went to the doctor. I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection...guess I was not just being whiny...I really was/am sick. But now I am on antibiotics and steroids, so I should be feeling fine soon...already am feeling some better. The concrete truck has come back for some of it's load, and my ears only pop every other time I open my mouth now. Feeling better, but a long ways to go.
Andrew and Hubby spent the day at a boy scout outing. Andrew got to shoot a bow & arrow, BB gun, throw a hatchet, and all sort of other manly activities. The girls got to spend the morning with a baby sitter...which in their book is pretty awesome...while I went and retook my CPR and first aid training. I have taken this course every-other year for at least 12 years...probably longer. It's amazing how things have changed over the years, but it is actually easier now. Instead of having to remember X number of compressions to Y number of breaths for each of the different age categories (infant, child, adult) it is just 30 compressions to 2 breaths. Period...for everyone! The only difference between infants, children, and adults is that for adults you call 911 before starting any of the CPR stuff, while with infants and children you do 5 cycles and then call 911 (if alone, if others are there...have them call 911 right away). Anyway...that was my morning, CPR and First Aid.
The weather was so beautiful after I got home that I thought a girls trip to the zoo would be a perfect way to spend the afternoon. I thought we could meet the "boys" for dinner when they were done with their manly activities. The girls and I loaded up and we drove to the zoo (40 miles away mind you). Only to find that our FREE zoo was closed for "Boo at the Zoo" and you were only allowed in if you had prepaid for tickets. So what was I going to do with these two girls for the next 3 hours until dinner? Well, we went to a park to play but unfortunately it didn't last too long because SOMEBODY had to go to the bathroom. So, shopping is what we decided to do to use our time. We got a tierra for Abbigail's Halloween costume, some tights, socks...oh, and the girl's Christmas dresses. Or at least what I'm thinking about using for their Christmas dresses. JC Penney has their "holiday" dresses on sale for 50% off, so the girls both picked one out. Abbigail fell in love with one that is pink and brown. It is really pretty, and she says she feels all grown up in it (BE STILL MY HEART!) and all she needs is lipstick :o)!! Bethany feel in love with a pink and black one. Also cute, but they don't match. My family Christmas cards won't look quite as good if their dresses don't at least coordinate. So, I went ahead and got the dresses...with the agreement that we will think about them. If I can find one that will coordinate with the other, we'll be in business!

Well all...I'm going to get to work on the house and other things that haven't really been touched in the last week since I've been feeling a bit under the weather. Nighty night!

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Elizabeth said...

Don't worry too much about the girls coordinating. Pink and black/ Brown and Pink are really close, specially if you stick your son in the middle of the girls :)