Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When we went pumpkin picking a week and a half ago, I thought something was seriously wrong with picking pumpkins when it was 91 degrees outside. Well, apparently we've decided to skip fall and go STRAIT for winter. Today's high was 44, and rain. COLD! BRRR!! I've had a chill in my bones all day! Turned the heat on at school, and here at home.
Now for the GRRR! Hubby was out of town at a meeting today, so I went to pick Abbigail and Andrew up from school. When Abbigail came out, I noticed that her hair was wet. HMMM....well, I didn't think TOO much of it. We went home, did some homework, and then I took her to girl scouts. I picked her up a little early from girl scouts because the phone guy was supposed to be coming to fix our phone and Internet that apparently don't like the rain. (BTW, that's one reason I haven't been online a lot lately...it's been down off and on for a week now!)
So anyway, we get home and she's freezing, but so was I so I didn't think much of it till she took off her shoes and socks. Her feet were little blue prunes! They were SOAKING WET and COLD! Apparently there was a special visitor at the high school today, someone who played violin, etc. Cool...the students WALKED to the high school which is 3 blocks away. Do you remember that I said there was a HIGH today of 44 and it rained ALL DAY LONG! They made the kids WALK 3 blocks in the rain!! How smart is that???? No umbrellas. Nothing! Yes, she had her brand new winter coat on, which kept her mostly dry, but her feet were soaked, and so was her head! Abbigail didn't complain, she loves music...she would do just about anything to see someone play music...but come on...don't you think the adults should use some common sense??? I'm planning on going to the school during my 15 minute lunch break tomorrow and talking to the principal. Who is going to pay all the doctor bills from the kids who are going to get sick from this? No, I didn't send Abbigail with rubber boots because I didn't think anyone in their right mind would send kids out in 44 degree RAINING weather to play, let alone walk 3 blocks! Yes, I know it is only 3 blocks, so bring in 1 bus and shuttle them...keep them DRY!
As a teacher, I try to take my kiddos outside if at all possible. Even when it is COLD, as long as it is dry I try to take them out for just a few minutes of fresh air. But in the rain??? GRRRR!!!
Thanks for letting me rant...I'll let you know how it goes.


Elizabeth said...

I sure do hope she doesn't get sick!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I would agree just a bit wet to be out walking. Let me know how it goes with the principal.


Anonymous said...

Andie, have you ever watched "It's a Wonderful Life"? Your post reminded me of it. If you haven't, it's the most wonderful Christmas movie ever made (well, except maybe "Christmas Story"). Anyway, there's a scene in there about the Dad getting mad at the teacher that sent his kid home without her coat buttoned, and she caught a cold. It really is such a good movie. I watch it at least once every year. A very feel good movie. This weather and your post just made me think of it, and get that good Christmas feeling.
I really hope Abbie doesn't get sick. Natalie's first ever field trip is today. The pumpkin patch, and it is raining and cold right now! I hope they postpone it, but I don't know much about their scheduling, so they might not be able to. Good luck to you and Loni and your little girls. Love, Aunt Patty.