Monday, November 3, 2008

Great News!!!

Ok, first....I'm sorry, no Halloween pictures just yet. Long weekend. Not feeling so great, not absolutely sure where the camera is...somewhere in the dining room or living room...anyway, they are still coming.

Great news!
1. Our congregation has approved sending Hubby and I to Pastoral Leadership Institute. This will mean classes, study, reading, papers, trips, small group with other pastors and their wives, trips, oh, and did I mention TRIPS!! We will be making at least one or two trips ALONE for the next 4 years!!! We get to go to retreats with out small group. We go to "large group" things for a week once a year. And, in the 4th year we get to go on a 2-3 week international mission trip! I am just so excited (and a tiny bit nervous...ok, a bit more than tiny...nervous). I am so excited and proud of Hubby for being nominated for this. It is a huge honor. He is a wonderful pastor and I am just so proud!

2. Did I mention that we get to go on trips...together?? :o)

3. Hubby told me some exciting news this weekend...a new restaurant is going to be built in our "Little Big City" soon. The city is growing...Sam's just opened last week, and that is SO AWESOME! Now, they are building an A&W hot dog place...not the exciting news. OLIVE G*RDEN is coming!!! YIPPEE!! This is one of my FAVORITE places!! Can you see my smile???

Enough good news, like I said earlier, I'm not feeling so great. My throat feels like I'm trying to swallow glass. Guess I'm going to try to get back into the doctor. No fever, no coughing, no sinus pain this time...just a sore throat. By evening I almost have no voice...not that that is a bad thing ;o) (according to hubby!)

Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Olive Garden??? When is it coming??? Trips without kids will you know what to do???? I'm so happy for you!!!

Loni said...

Congratulations Andie and Warren!!!! I am so happy for you and proud of Warren for getting such a high honor. And the trips?!?! What I wouldn't give for a trip somewhere for just me and Larry. I love my kids but a few days without them would make me love them more!
I'm sorry you are not feeling well, hopefully you get well very soon. All that good news should help!

Elizabeth said...

How very exciting!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful for you both. Congrats-proud of you Warren. Andie I bought Cambree a Disney princess dress after Halloween. Someone placed the Disney dress display in with the halloween costumes and 50% off. I already had one in my cart " and he said that I could still purchase mine at 1/2 off since it was there mistake. Oh Cambree will be so excited. She is wanting to put her Snow White on everyday and even trying to talk mom into lettting her wear it to bed. I'm saving this one for Christmas. When you get ready to sell yours let me know. You take care and get to feeling better. we are in Mo heading to Ne Thurs. Love you aunt marilyn

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, Andie. I am so happy for you and your family. Warren must be very well thought of to get this kind of recognition, and I am sure you are SO proud of him. I can't wait until we can read the blogs about your trips.
Get well and feel better soon!!
Love, Aunt Patty