Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Pics...FINALLY!

I promised pictures...you got pictures!! There are many pictures here, so get comfy!

First of all, a pic of my three kiddos. One of our neighbors always sets up a whole "photo shoot" area in her livingroom and invites all the neighborhood kids to come in for pictures and special treats. This is actually the only shot I have of all of my kids together...they were just too busy!

Next are some pictures of all our neighborhood kiddos out trick-or-treating together. Now THAT was a crew! We just went around our block, and then split up into our own small family groups to go visit special friends/family...so much fun!
This is my FAVORITE shot of the night. We told the kids they had to "partner up" and hold a hand with a friend. Here Bethany is with her little friend "Mickey"...aren't they just TOO cute??!!!!
Here they were, after the "block"...ready for more CANDY!

Yes, the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! No jackets were even needed, until the sun went down.

And, lastly...here are individual pictures of my two princesses and my Buzz Lightyear....the most beautiful princesses, and the most handsome buzz, ever! (By the way...Buzz in talking into his communicator, not checking to see if he put his elbow in the jelly! :o))

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Anonymous said...

Andie, your princess dresses turned out beautiful. Of course, it could be the cute girls in them instead of your sewing, but still...
I think they'll have even more fun wearing them at Disney World.
All sweet, darling pictures. What a fun neighborhood you live in.
Love, Aunt Patty.