Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have been reading a blog written by a pastor in North Carolina. He is the father of Nate (the husband I have been asking for prayers about)...anyway, Rick has a series on his blog about pastoring and pastor's families. One post was "What you might not know about your pastor." The second one in the series was "What you might not know about your pastor's wife." The last in the series is "What you might not know about your pastor's kids."
For those of you in the ministry (or married to it!), these essays will hit you in the heart. It is so comforting to read someone who knows how you feel. Someone who knows the hurts and joys of being in the ministry of God's people. For those of you who aren't in the ministry, but are in the church, it will give you insight into your pastor and his family. It will give suggestions on how to relate to and support your pastor, and his family.
Now, how do you go about getting everyone in church to read a blog?? ;O)

By the way...Tricia is up and walking without any vent or oxygen...for the first time since October! Rick is posting updates so Nate can take a short blogging break to be there for his "girls." Go on over and see how they are doing...

(For those who might not know how a "link" on the underlined words above and it will take you directly to the site...:o))