Sunday, April 6, 2008

March in review....

Marching through march...the third month of the year, and how are my goals going? I'm so glad you've asked! Well...let me tell you.
  • Walking...not so much. I did walk, but not as much as I have done in the past, nor as much as I had hoped. I got out of my routine during spring break, and never seemed to get back on it. However...I have lost 13...yes, 13 pounds!!! since January. I went out to buy a pair of shorts for the summer, and tried on (ok, I'm being transparent here...please be kind) my usual size 18, and it almost fell off!!! So, I put them back and got a size 16. Turns out I should have gotten a size 14, because two weeks later these are getting almost too loose...better go get that belt out!
  • Home-cooked meals...yep, done that! Meal planning really has helped! I have also been looking at the sales adds more and planning meals around what is on sale and what I already have in the freezer. We've eaten out less (for supper anyway! Warren and I have made trips to the "city" on two Mondays so he can visit people in the hospital, and we've ended up going out to lunch each day).
  • Bible reading...not so great. I read the passion story several times during Lent and Holy week, but not walking on the treadmill has killed two birds that I didn't want to die!
  • Watching our spending has had a bit of trouble this month...going to the city where the shopping opportunities are is not good on the pocketbook! I cannot seem to get out of W*l-Mart for less than $50...If we go back, I've GOT to stick to my list!!!! We also made the purchase of this pretty little 'puter that I'm currently typing on. We have 6 months to pay...and we WILL get it done! We are also talking about what to pay off next...things are getting under control and I'm so proud of us!!
Lots of improvements...lots of room for improvement!


Rebecca said...

You are like my own little personal accountability partner. I've never had one of those...but hey. This is FUN!

Congratulations on your weight loss! Holy Mackerel! Tell me Missy. HOW did you lose 13 pounds and NOT walked much?!?! I mean, you were very gracious with my MEASLEY one inch and now I feel REALLY dumb writing about an inch. 13 pounds is INCREDIBLE. I really do want to know what your secret is. What happened? Do you think it was not eating out as much? or was it the walking, when it was done? I am really discouraged about lack of change...

Your Walmart experiences sound like mine. It is impossible to get out of there with less than $50.00. I have even had such small carts-just a few things in the bottom of it...and it STILL is over $50.00

Andie said...

I have been snacking less...but honestly I don't know. I mean...really. I walk like crazy and do slim-fast for breakfast and I might drop a pound or two in the month...which is at least going in the right direction! However, this month I did the "all chocolate, no exercise" diet, and lost 8 pounds...I totally don't understand. Wish I did!

I enjoy the accountability partner thing, too. I kept going to your blog and seeing your March review...Oh, yea, I need to do one of those! So, eventually I did. Thanks for keeping me accountable! And...I have no idea about inches, just this one pair of shorts that might just be the cut or the maker, you know...anyway, I think measuring inches is impressive, especially now that you are expecting your new little bundle!!! Keep eating healthy, I'm so proud of you Rebecca!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Andie. Here's hoping for several pounds lost this month, even though we don't know why! Honestly, it might happen for me-because I am starting to feel nauseous all the time. :-(