Friday, April 4, 2008

How do you get rid of a headache?

Anyone have any great ideas? I've had a headache since Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm now up to taking 2 extra-strength "tyl*nol" I every 4 or 5 hours, and they don't seem to be doing very much. Usually a good night's sleep make even my worst head aches go away...but my head hurts so much that I can't even sleep. I toss and turn and moan and groan. I even taught myself how to turn the brightness down on my computer screen because the bright light hurts my eyes/head. Is it sinuses? Is it allergy related? I don't know. I know that tomorrow I am going to take my allergy medication and see if that helps. For now, I'm going to try to go to bed and get some sleep...hopefully this awful headache will go away SOON! If anyone else has any advice or knows any tricks, please leave me a comment!!!


Susiewearsthepants said...

The first thing to do is to figure out what kind of headache you have. Usually an allergy headache will be in your forehead and you may even feel it in your nose. If the back of your head hurts, it could be a tension headache. If it's an allergy headache the allergy medicine will definitely help. If you can't get rid of it on your own, you may want to consider calling your doctor. A persistent headache could be a sign of something more serious. Hope I didn't come on too strong there!

Elizabeth said...

Chamomile Tea and a Heating Bag really helps me when I have a headache. Do you have a rice or corn bag? I have both and they work even better than hot water bottles. I agree with Susie though, if it continues persisting I would set up an appt just to be safe. It's probably just stress from everyone being sick and such but regardless, I hope it and you feel better really really soon!

Anonymous said...

First thing when a headaches last over 24 hours - listen to susiewearsthepants and see a doctor!!

I get sinus migraines I call them becuase of my allergies. They hurt so bad they will wake me up in the mornings. Mine aren't just in my face though when I get them. They are in the sides (like right above my ears and on the top of my head. I think every sinus cavity in my head is swollen then. This is a lot - but it works for me when I get them. I take 2 alleave (because they last for 12 hours), a sudafed and an allergy med with a decongestant in it. Occasionally - the double decongestant makes me feel a little wierd but I would much rather be that way than with the headache! I also have found that I can have a deep sinus infection with none of the normal tell tale signs. No pressure in the face - no stuffiness - no sore throat - it's the headaches that last more than a day or two that are usualy a sinus infection.

ALSO - pay attention to how much you're drinking - water I mean. I get the bad ones when I'm dehydrated. Focus on rehydrating yourself (which will also help with the allergies) and see if that helps at all.

Good luck - I know they're awful!!