Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everyone is healthy, finally (I think!?!)

Yesterday was Hubby's birthday. The youth group and I planned a surprise party for him. They always have frozen pizza's for dinner at LYF, I encouraged Warren to splurge and get Pizza Hut for his birthday. I also made a "giant cupcake" (THANKS Louann for the mold, it's so fun!) for him to take to LYF, mainly to throw him off. The teens were going to arrive early to decorate, and also pick up an ice cream cake I had ordered the day before. The plan was for Warren to leave to go pick up the pizza, and the kids and I would high-tail it up to church, so we all could surprise didn't happen that way. Since the kids were all sick, Warren went up to pick up the pizza's and brought one home for us (thanks babe!). Then he went up to church for the youth group, and they did surprise him. We wish we could have been there to celebrate with him, but I guess it just wasn't to be this year. Hopefully they got some pictures that I can share with you all soon!

By the time bedtime rolled around last night, the kids were all feeling better, no fevers!! Andrew said that his throat was sore, but this morning it was off to school they all went!!! :o) I have had a headache all day, I hope I'm not coming down with what they all have had....I'm going to blame it on not sleeping well...I couldn't sleep because my mind was on Nate and Tricia, and her new lungs! What an amazing couple they are! Gwyneth is growing and growing, and hopefully soon Tricia will be able to WALK into Gwyneth's NICU room and TALK to her baby! I can't wait for the day we hear the stories about them all three going home together!

This weekend looks to be pretty busy. Tonight Abbie has her last dance class. She was supposed to go strait to her first soccer practice after dance, but it's raining today, so no soccer! We have a playground open-house/unveiling/naming thing (at the preschool I am directing next year) this evening. And then we will be going to Andrew's wrestling awards banquet. Tomorrow both Abbie and Andrew have their first soccer practice and I am helping to set up for the girls' dance recital. Andrew's first soccer game is Saturday morning. Abbie will miss her first soccer game which is Saturday afternoon because she and Bethany have dress rehearsal for their dance recital on Sunday. After the dance recital on Sunday I plan on coming home for a LONG nap! :o)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andie -
We're thankful everyone is feeling better - and we hope you remain well also. What a physically and emotionally exhausting time you have had. We remembered Nate and Tricia - but are wondering if they are friends for school or if this is someone else. We'll clarify sometime on the phone. Sounds like you have a busy weekend - practices, rehearsal, meetings, etc. Keep remembering the nap!!!
It also sounded like you had a neat BD party for Warren planned - sorry you couldn't attend. He has a super wife!!!
Love you - M&D

Elizabeth said...

Also glad you all are feeling better. I read Nate's blog usually more than once a day and have been praying for them since my first post. Unfortunately I haven't been as good about posting prayer/ updates as you have but I'm so glad that there are so many people out there praying for this family :)
I hope you have a wonderful day Andie :)