Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Month Down!

Well, 2008 is already one month old. How have I done with the goals I set up in the begining?
Well, as far as healthy goes, I've walked almost 40 miles this month (just one more day of walking and I would have hit 40!) I am proud of myself, but I know I can do even more next month!! I've eaten less junk, but still eat too much. As far as weight goes...well, that's a bit tricky. We got a new scale last week, one of those high tech digital ones. The old one we had was one of the dial, spring loaded, cheapies that we've had for about 10 years. Depending on how you stood, leaned, etc, you could change your weight up to 5 pounds. So...I wanted a digital one that you couldn't trick! My true weight shocked me! I weigh about 8 pounds more than I thought I did...ack! But, since getting the new scale I have lost 4 pounds, so I guess I'm going in the right direction.
I've read the entire books of Genesis and Exodus, and I'm almost through Laviticus. I've found myself praying more often, not deep philisophical prayers, just talking to my Father. Thank you for this day. Help me in this difficulty. Keep my children/hubby safe...that type of prayer. I'm doing some serious prayer right now asking for direction in my life. If you feel led, please keep me in your prayers about my plans for next school year (more to come in a future post I'm mind can't form logical sentences about that issue right now).
I've been cooking more often, and I'm trying to make them healthier. We've gone out to eat less. I've joined the "Company Girls" to help out with the home management. It's a fun way to make sure that at least one "little thing" gets done each day, and can win prizes, so that's not to bad!
One month down, 11 to go. Same goals for this month, just up a notch!! I think I'll aim for 50 miles this month!

(Please exuse all my typos and spelling errors...spell check doesn't seem to be working, and you KNOW I depend on it!! I'm the worlds WORST speller!)


Rebecca said...

Wow-I am proud of you! Great job! I like that you are keeping us up to date on your goals. I like it so much, I think I am going to steal the idea! ;-)

Andie said...

You go right ahead Rebecca...seeing how I steal your good ideas all the time!! :-)