Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Goals

Ok, so some of them are old goals I'm still working on, or am going to try harder at this year.

I'm not all that big on new year's resolutions because they seem to be a big joke. Everyone laughs about how quickly they are broken. So, instead of calling them resolutions, I'm going to give myself some goals for 2008.

  1. I want to get healthy. I want to exercise more, eat less junk, eat more healthy!I want to be able to keep up with my kids. I want to be a better example of a healthy life. I know that my unhealthy lifestyle is catching up with me, and it will only get worse as I continue getting older, so I want to change that NOW! I want to walk on my treadmill at least 4 days a week, and do other exercises the other days. Warren got me a stereo bluetooth headset for Christmas so I can listen to my music while I walk...I wonder how far I can walk in a year! I'll try to keep track and let you know every month how far I've walked! So far I've gone 2 miles (and it's only the first!)

  2. I want to be closer to my God. I try to read my Bible while I'm walking on my treadmill, but that means that if I don't walk, I generally don't read. That needs to change. My relationship with God needs to be my biggest priority. I want to spend more time in prayer and journaling, along with my Bible reading.

  3. I want to be a better wife and mother. I want to better manage my home. I want to make a better effort to prepare healthy meals every night, not just once or twice a week. I want to do meal planning, so I know I have the stuff on hand so I can prepare the meals. I want to make my husband my priority...I want to romance him and show him that he is the one I love, for life! I want my children to know that they are some of the most important people in my life. I want them to know that I love them and spending time with them is very important to me. I want to keep my house more organized so that I can have people over on a whim, and not be embarrassed. I want to be able to find things instead of having stacks and stacks of stuff. I'm tired of being embarrassed when someone stops by, I want to be able to welcome them in without having to say "I'm sorry the house is such a mess!" Lived in, yes...messy, not so much! Part of managing our home is finances. I need to start watching more what we spend on, and stop needless spending. Having the extra income from Bazine is nice, but we are getting way too used to it, and it won't be here forever! Plus, as a childcare provider for teachers, my income is pretty much $0 for 3 months...gotta save so we can survive the summer! :o)

Ok, there are 3 main goals (lots involved in each of them!) I'm going to try to do my best on these. I know I will not keep them perfectly, so I will not be berating myself when I fail. If I do that then I will just quit and not even try. So...here's to doing my BEST!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, when you catch up, you catch up!!! :) Happy New Year!!! There were so many good things you wrote about and so many wonderful pictures, it looks like this was a Christmas full of memories!!! I don't "do" New Years Resolutions because they are so easily broken, however there is NOTHING WRONG with setting goals to better yourself!!! Your goals are attainable, and I wish you well in satisfying them!!! I'm glad your dad is doing so well, I hope he continues progressing in this New Year! I liked the idea of the pickle ornament, and I also liked the idea of keeping the tree up till Jan. 6th, I had never heard of that before! Your kids look sweet, and your pretzels delectable :) Have a good day!!!

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas's sound so exciting and alot like the fun we had when our kids were growing up. I remember the time Phil and I waited for the little kids to wake us up and they never came in so we got up and they were sitting on the couch stareing at the tree and waiting for us. (Remember Dale, Cody and Kenny) They had never had a Christmas tree and presents before. Oh those many memories are sooooo wonderful. I spent sometime with your dad the other day and watched him work out He amazes me with his tenacity and your moms strength and patience. It was good to get a Christmas hug. I love you and yours. I'm having my left knee replaced on Jan 9th prayers please. Love marilyn

Steffie B. said...

They sound very similiar to mine. And lets be honest.....all 3 are tough ones as they are so close to our hearts!