Monday, January 28, 2008

Prayer requests

I have a couple of items I am asking those friends and family out in the bloggosphere to add to their prayer list today if you can.
  1. My dad...he has progressed so much! Praise God! Today is his 63 birthday. He is planning on being released from the hospital on Friday!! After over 6 months in the hospital, he is going HOME!! He and mom actually went home on Saturday for a "trial run" to see how things are going to go. Apparently they are going to be much more difficult than they had anticipated. Doors have been/are being widened for his wheel chair. A lift has been installed so he can enter the home. However, the carpet throughout the entire home is posing a problem. He has been working in the hospital on nothing but carpet. It is much more difficult to maneuver his wheelchair on the carpet. Please keep them both in your prayers as they go through this big transition this week. Pray for patience, endurance, strength, and love.
  2. My neighbors. Remember a few posts ago I as talking about my 'new' neighbors who have a daughter Bethany's age and a son Andrew's age, and twin baby girls. Well, apparently one of the twins is showing signs of significant delays. They were very premature and are still under 10 pounds at 5 months. However, one is progressing nicely, but the other isn't showing much development. They are taking her to a neurologist 4 hours away today. Pray for safe travel. Pray for knowledgeable and caring doctors and nurses. Pray that the Lord will show them what is going on with little "T" and that they have the courage to face whatever it may be to do what is best for her. They are wonderful people and I know they will do whatever they need to get the help that T needs...but it has to be so hard to know that something is not right, and not know what it is!
  3. kiddos and I are all coughing and just feeling a bit out of it. A return of health would be GREAT! We know it will come, just the sooner, the better! :-)

Thank you all for your prayers!

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Elizabeth said...

We've all been sick and down for the count lately, hence the lack of posting on my blog too. Hope you all will be on the mend very soon, if not already. I'll say a prayer today :)