Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Yes, it's Thankful Thursday. I'm a bit late in getting this post done, I usually try to do the TT post in the morning, but I just kept putting it off. Nothing is wrong, dad is improving...just feeling out of sorts today. Anyway...there is MUCH to be thankful for today.
  1. Dad is still in the hospital, but doing much better. He is feeling everything (above the waist and below), and we think he is beginning to have some movement in his legs/feet. Involuntary movement is a sure thing, voluntary is still questionable. Medically he is doing pretty well, blood-pressure, O2 levels are good, morphine is off. He is still receiving the antibiotics, and will be for some time. There is some question as to what his future holds. He does not qualify for the rehabilitation hospital, because he has no meaningful movement, YET! They are discussing the possibility of a long term skilled nursing facility, or making some changes so that he will be able to go home (current home with changes, or a new/different home that is already handicap accessible). Please continue to keep my Mom and Dad in your prayers. Things are looking better this week, but so much is still unknown.
  2. I am thankful that I was able to go see them this weekend. My aunts kept saying how much of a difference they could see in both mom and dad because I was there. I pray they are right. I hope I could help. My parents are one of the greatest gifts that God gave to me, and I love them SOOO much! I'm thankful for them!
  3. I'm thankful that my husband and older children survived without me! :-)
  4. I'm thankful that the weather is supposed to cool down this week.
  5. I'm thankful the High School in our town is doing a wonderful family musical this fall, "The Sound of Music" Abbigail auditioned for two parts last night and was wonderful. I pray they find the right children to play the parts.
  6. I'm thankful for baby slings. I love them! I'm thankful that my sewing machine is in working order once again so I can make them again...and in this way encourage other mothers/caregivers to "wear" their babies and make their lives more simple, and wonderful!
  7. I'm thankful that I've had two days with just Bethany while the older two are in school. I even had 2 hours this morning when she was at preschool that I had no one to care for. I love my children, but a moment to myself was wonderful...I washed and vacuumed out my REALLY needed it!
  8. I'm thankful for clean, clear, cold water to drink.
  9. I'm thankful that God is faithful, and loves me...even when I don't put Him in the forefront of my life.
  10. I'm thankful that my cousin took the time out of her busy day to call and tell me she had visited my dad, and that he is acting like himself again...teasing and joking around. Knowing that my extended family continues to care for my parents is wonderful, and the fact that she took the time to not only leave a comment on my blog to tell me how he's doing, but to also call and tell me means so much to me. Thanks Michelle!
  11. I'm thankful that PMS doesn't last very long (hopefully) and I will be back to myself in a day or two.

Blessings to you all! Go to Iris' to read more TT posts.


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad your dad is doing somewhat better! I to am thankful you were able to go visit him!

I'm glad you wrote the last part of pms, it made me laugh after reading some "serious" stuff! :)

Take Care Andie! :)

Angie said...

Better late than never!
Through the blessings of your thankfulness, it sounds like you are EXTREMELY BUSY! But blessed all the same. (Glad PMS is OVER for me---except for the "phantom" feelings---and eating like a pig)

Laurel Wreath said...

I too love clean clear water, that made me chuckle a bit. Glad to hear your parents are doing better. Hopefully you get some rest this weekend.