Friday, September 7, 2007

The Soud Of Music...CALL BACK!!!

Well, out of about 30 girls, Abbigail and two others were called back to try out again. They all did a great job. The first try-out, Abbigail read a nursery rhyme, but this time she had to recite Mary Had A Little Lamb...we've never just said it, it's a song! Poor girl was a bit confused. But she sang awesomely! Even had a bit of vibrato (SP???) in her voice. Where did that come from??? The two music/drama teachers said that they would be calling us shortly to let us know their decision. It's tough, because we know both of the other little girls, and their families...all three of them would be good...I think I know of two little girls who will be sad shortly, and one who will be happy...but who will the happy one be?

Ok...I didn't even get to publish this and the phone rang. I know who the happy and sad girls are now. We have one sad cookie on our hands. They said she did a really great job, and they would love to have her come do children's theatre in the summer, but our dear friend, Abby is what they were looking for. It's probably for the best, rehersals went until 9:30, and our Abbigail needs her sleep. Now she can focus on dance and school. But oh, is she sad. "I REALLY wanted to be Gretyl!!" She keeps moaning. Poor kid is heartbroken. We had talked about how it might not be her, and she should be happy for the one they choose, but it's hard not to get something you really want. I hope she doesn't loose heart, that she will try again.

Abbigail, I love you. Just as you are...just what you are. I love to hear you singing and see you having fun. I am proud of you for trying, and doing such a great job. You are perfect, just the way you are. You are God's little princess...and my little girl. I love you! I know you will hurt for a while, but I pray your heart heals soon...I want to see you smiling!


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Steffie B. said...

It does break your heart doesn't it? BTDT with Em on different's never easy!