Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday update

Sorry, Dad, I know this is not the most flattering picture, but I wanted to include you in my blog! Everyone, notice the grin!!!!

I arrived home last evening. Dad has made some progress this weekend. Medically he's doing pretty well. His blood pressure is up where it should be, and he's off the oxygen. The doctor's have removed most of his IV lines, just one left. He had only pushed the button for morphine once that I knew of yesterday, when they transferred him to a new bed since the other one was malfunctioning. He is doing a little more joking around, which is wonderful to see. The greatest news is that on Sunday night, my mom and I were massaging and redressing his leg (OK, she was doing most of the work...a nurse I am NOT). I was rubbing one foot, and he kept twitching his foot!!!! His toes, his legs, his feet kept jerking. He said that he wasn't doing it, it was involuntary movement...but after he kicked me TWICE, I teased him that it was no accident. :o)

The doctors said that this is great because it means that the nerves and the muscles are still there, and that they remember what they are supposed to be doing. They said that they are still hopeful that when the inflammation goes down in his back, that he will regain control.

He has been moved out of the SICU and into the "intermediate" floor, which is not quite the regular hospital floor...a smaller nurse/patient ratio. He might be moved to a regular floor today, I haven't heard yet. The doctor was also talking about possibly moving him to a longer term care/skilled nursing facility if things continue to go well. He doesn't qualify for the rehabilitation hospital at this point, he needs to regain movement for that. But...we are just waiting to see. Mom is worried about insurance, she doesn't know if their insurance will cover the long term care thing, so keep this all in your prayers.

Thank you to my Wichita family for taking care of my parents when I cannot be there. It means so much to me to know that they have all of you looking out for them and giving them love and support. There is something special about our family!!! (Loni is right!!)

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Unashamed said...

What awesome news! Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

On Sunday during the prayers of the church I silently named your father. I love the prayers of the church, how when I pray for someone, the WHOLE church is joining in (whether they know it or not. Which makes no difference - God knows!)

Thanks for the update. Your mom looks VERY happy, *smile*.