Sunday, May 24, 2009


Can you sing a little hard rock with me?? Oh, yea! School is OUT! I'm just a bit happy about this! Yes, I love teaching, but I also love spending time with my kids. I like being able to be a "little" less hurried. I like being able to sleep in a few days a week. I like spending time with my kids at the pool. I like spending time at the lake with my family, watching them fish and avoiding anything that could POSSIBLY be poison ivy (aka, anything green!). I like watching my kids play baseball, t-ball, softball...I love bringing children and adults together during VBS to connect more hearts to Jesus. I LOVE SUMMER! (Don't much like sweltering HOT days, but nothing is perfect!)
I have been enjoying my first few days of summer break. I've been trying to get my house back into some sort of order. This working full-time (or nearly full-time) thing has kicked my tail, especially the last few weeks! I've even had time to be a little crafty! I discovered that my sewing machine still works! I made a dress for Bethany and a shirt for Abbigail. Both girls wore their outfit on their last day of school. This afternoon I made 4 shirts (same style, but patriotic colors) for my girls and their little cousins, Ella & Ava. I made a cool "sculpture" out of pots for flowers in my front walk-way. (I will try to get a picture and post it soon).
I even got to go out on a date with my husband! Our 13th anniversary is Tuesday, May 26. Since that is in the middle of the week, we went out last night. We went to dinner at a YUMMY Italian restaurant. We did a little shopping and even took in the new Star Tr*k movie. (It was pretty good by the way).
Abbie & Andrew's school has an awards assembly on the last day of school. Abbigail made the All-A honor roll!!! She read more words this year than almost all the third-graders (got the 3rd place award)! Andrew didn't receive any awards, but that's because they only did one award for 1st graders...but he did wonderful in school this year, too. Andrew has had the same 1st grade teacher this year that Abbigail had when she was in 1st. I asked Mrs. G if she wanted to have Miss Bethany in 2 years and she said "YES!" That she would love to have all the Prochnow kids! :o)
From busy school year to almost as busy summer...but it is great for a change of pace!!

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Rebecca said...

LOVE those outfits Andie! Oh man! TOO CUTE!

I don't often comment but I am always checking up on you and enjoy my visits immensely.

PS. GOOD JOB on the aerobics! Wow. Boy do I need that motivation! And yes----the weight gain is just from muscle--you are already losing the BAD weight (which is why the clothes are fitting better) but soon you'll see it on the scale too. I'm jealous! :-) GREAT job, you!