Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guess what else I've been doing?

I've been doing this since April 1...but didn't really want to put it on my blog in case I quit...but I haven't! I've been getting up early 3 mornings a week to meet a bunch of ladies for aerobics (that's why in my last post I said sleep in SOME days of the week! But in the summer we don't get together at 5:20, we push it back to 5:45...SLEEP IN???? Not in my book!). Actually we've been doing a program called P90X (or something like that). There are infomercials all over the place for this program...the infomercial makes it seem like some miracle. It's been great, but not miraculous! :o) I have actually gained some weight, but my body is changing! My clothes are a BIT looser and my muscles are really beginning to show signs of being toned! I'm so excited. My friend told me that others who have joined them have gained weight in the beginning due to muscle formation, but then the weight starts dropping off..I can't wait for that part!!!

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