Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Bethany!!!

Can you believe my BABY is turning 5 today?? I can't! I wanted to show you pictures of her as a baby, but those are on the other is a picture of her a year ago today... And here she was in April at her dance recital... and at Easter.... I can't believe how quickly time is flying! She is growing up right before my eyes. Each day she gets bigger and more independent, and at other times she just wants to crawl in my lap and snuggle...and I cherish those times!!
Bethany, my third miracle, I love you! You are my youngest, my princess. How I thank God for sending you to me. How I longed to hold another, nurse another,mother another, love another child...and God granted me the desire of my heart. You have such a girly personality, such a tender heart. You are strong willed at times, but no one will be able to push you around! My little lady...I love you!


Anonymous said...

We too delight in your third daughter, our 3rd grandchild. She is growing more beautiful everyday. We're so thankful for your family and the children you love. Love M & D

Andie said...

Um, Mom & Dad...I only have 2 daughters!!! :o)

Cynthia said...

That's hilarious!!

Love, Cynthia