Sunday, May 10, 2009

Doing laundry on Mother's Day...

Yup, that's what I'm doing. Not a very "Mother's Day" activity?? Well, I don't have a choice! :o) Here's why I'm doing laundry (I'm really behind, but that's besides the point!!)

I woke up this morning to Hubby grabbing my shoulder and commanding "DON'T MOVE!" I tried to sit up, and he wouldn't let me...remember his arm was on my shoulder. I couldn't even roll over! He yelled for Abbie and Andrew...that's when I felt something on my feet. Apparently the little dears were trying to surprise us with breakfast in bed. Toasted bagels (with peanut butter!) and a cup of milk were on their little lap trays...which were ever so gently placed over our feet while we were still sleeping! Hubby heard something and rolled over, spilling his tray all over the bed, that's when he grabbed me! So...I'm doing laundry on Mother's day! They meant well...they really did. Abbigail even cried, she said she just wanted it to be PERFECT for me! How sweet is that!
Bethany made me a card and a gift at school, Andrew made me a book, and his class had all the moms join them for a Mother's Day luncheon on Friday. Abbigail's teacher didn't do anything for Mother's day, so she wanted to do something sweet! Hubby told me earlier this week that he was going to take me to Alco on Sunday to "look at all the MD cards" I wasn't expecting much!! But he did come through! He got me a beautiful bouquet of roses and a sweet card!
I remember those years we struggled with infertility, Mother's Day was so very hard. I wanted to crawl in my bed Saturday and not get out until Monday. So hard to celebrate everything you WISH you had, but don't. I pray today for all those women (and men) who struggle with the pain, loss, emptiness of infertility or infant/child loss. These are some of the most painful things I have ever experienced...and even though I have been blessed with my three wonderful children, I will never forget those struggling now.

Oh, and HAPPY MOTHER'S Day, Mom!! You're the BEST!


Anonymous said...

What a neat post, Andie. I, of course, had to laugh about the breakfast trays on your feet. That is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Then I had to cry about the Mother's Days that were not so happy for you. It's wonderful of you to be thinking of the women who feel like you did on Mother's Day, and pray for them.
I'm glad you have 3 wonderful children to make your Mother's Days happy!! Love, Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have such a wonderful family. I also remember those days of longing and saddness as you waited on the Lord. I also will never forget our precious day out at the Spiritual Life Center as we sat and cried and prayed and waited. Like Hannah, God heard your prayers. And...........we are all blessed. Love you Andie -
You are the MOM!!! Mom and Dad