Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayers for my dad...

I know I posted this in my LONG post the other day, but I just want to ask once again that you keep my dad in your prayers tomorrow as he goes in for a knee replacement. Thanks!
Bethany took this picture of him the morning after we came back from San Antonio...I didn't even know she had my camera, and she took about 30 pictures, little turkey!


Anonymous said...

They will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Talked to Terry this am I love them so much. Glad you and Warren learned alot but also that you had a wonderful together time. Your m/d enjoyed being with the kids. You take after me with your purse thing you know. Glad you are home safe love aunt marilyn

Elizabeth said...

I have a sneak named Samuel who loves to take pics on my camera phone :)

Great picture of your dad, I hope his surgery goes well!!!