Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pictures of San Antonio

I wanted to add some pictures of our recent trip to San Antonio. While it was a lot of meetings and learning, we also had an evening or two of "free time." One evening we went to the Riverwalk. As we sat on our bus, we saw the rest of our collegial group going down the steps to the Riverwalk...but we couldn't get off our bus yet. By the time we got off our bus and crossed the street, we could not find them! Hubby and I walked and walked and saw the beautiful Riverwalk...waterfalls, shops, restaurants, etc...finally we decided that we weren't going to find our group, so we picked a restaurant. The host said to go upstairs, that there were more tables up there (it was a patio overlooking the Riverwalk, PRETTY!). As we sat down and opened our menus, one of our group pretended to be a waiter! They were there all along! They were just getting their food, but we joined them and ordered our margaritas and food...we had such a good time getting to know our group in a less formal atmosphere! The guys all had to compare their phones... :o)!LOVE the hat Dek!
After dinner, our group followed us back around the Riverwalk to a store I had spotted...and I got a geautiful purse! Any of you who know me know that I'm just a bit of a "purseaholic"!!! I don't have any pics of my purse, but take my word for it...LOVE IT!!!Our group...Can't wait to see these awesome people again!

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