Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forgot something...

I forgot something in my L-O-N-G post! I started Christmas shopping today! One of our local stores had their jewelry 70% off! I had seen a pretty little cross that I had been thinking about getting for Abbigail...REAL jewelry, not kiddie stuff! No, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it, but at 70% off, it was reasonable to buy for a nearly 9 year old. I decided to go ahead and get one for Bethany, too (one is silver, one is, which girl gets which necklace?). While I was there, I spotted letter necklaces (A for Abbigail, B for Bethany, duh!) with TINY little diamond chips...and at 70% could I resist? I mean TINY! The final price was less than $, each girl will get a necklace for their birthday, and one for Christmas...which necklace do they get for which holiday...I don't know!!
I can't believe my baby will be turning 5 years old in just 12 days!!!!

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