Friday, February 20, 2009


Cranky, sad, lonely...yup, that's me.

Sickenss continues. Bethany got better after staying home two days. But the night she was feeling better, Andrew began throwing up (that was Wednesday night). So, he stayed home from school on Thursday...thankfully, Hubby was able to stay home with him so that I could go to school. He was better on Thursday, so I decided to send him to school on Friday. After school and after school ativities, I took the kids to Little Big City for some shopping and time OUT of town. (Found a GREAT winter coat for Bethany for next year 75% off!!!) We went to Appleb**s for dinner to use a gift certificate we received for Christmas. Momma even got a margarita! (small one since I was driving!) The kids behaved relatively well, so I treated them to a McD's ice cream and time in the play-place. When we left McD's and realized the wind had really kicked up! Decided since the wind was SOOO strong I should probably get some gas. In normal weather, I could have easily made it home, but with the wind blowing completely at me that my mileage would be WAY down...and it was! About 10 minutes out of Little Big City, I heard Abbie yelling, but couldn't make out what she was saying because the wind was SO loud...turns out she was saying "Pull over, I'm gonna puke!" Yea, got that after the fact. So...I opened the back windows and kept driving...what else are you gonna do in the middle of nowhere, by myself with three kids...night time, with 50 mph winds?? Keep going!! I did pass a cup back to her and told her if she was going to puke again to try to get it in the cup. She feels horrible, poor kid.
After we got home, sent the other two to bed, Abbie to the shower, and myself back to the garage to shampoo out the van.
Now, I'm finally getting to sit down, and I think the cat just peed on the floor...more shampooing!

Man...what a day. Is it over yet?

Oh, and Hubby is out of town...he'll be home tomorrow.

Cranky, sad, lonely...yup, that's me. But, thankfully tomorrow is a new day.

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Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo sorry to hear about your kiddos. So sad when they are sick and they just seem to pass it around. Brennan has an ear infection this week and his sinus are bothering him-which means that is probably why Cambree sounds a little stuffy too. Cambree has eye surgery Thurs on her tear ducts so keep her and family in prayers We take off next Sun for the road again (this time for work). Love yas aunt marilyn