Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family, Sickies, and Wrestling (OH MY!)

Thank you...Thank you, Thank you!

Sorry mom and dad...I'll try to do better!

What have I been busy with lately? Sick kids, wrestling, more sick kids, more kids' activities, more sick kids...and MORE SICK KIDS!

It seems like this entire town has it bad! There are so many different illnesses going around that once you finally kick one, another comes to take it's place! I started with a sinus/cough thing about a month ago, Hubby soon caught it and his quickly turned into his pneumonia that he was still recovering from. Since then, all three of my kids have had it. Bethany started coughing about the same time I did, but never seemed really sick. However, she has been running a temp on/off since Friday (I know...I'm sorry I exposed you all to it on Saturday...please forgive me! I thought she was over it!) Today it is right around 101, even with tylenol. So many in our town have had this, and it has even hospitalized 3-4 kids that I know of! The kids act fine, except the cough and fever. Not feeling icky, just coughing. So we (parents) let it go, treat the cough and the fever, but don't get worried...and it has turned into pneumonia in those kids and they end up in the hospital. There is also a stomach virus going around which we have NOT caught at our house, YET! I know it is coming, it's just not here yet. Our neighbors have all had it, and the kids were all together yesterday, and another one of their kids came down with it today...so I know it is coming. :o(
Hubby was able to stay home with Bethany this afternoon while I went to teach at preschool. While we were there, one of my co-teachers started feeling sick to her stomach. Another teacher's daughter called from school, sick..."Mom, come get me." I had to come home this afternoon to be with Beth...that left us with one, ONE, teacher. God does provide! One of our normal subs is actually helping out in the church office this week while our secretary is on vacation, but another lady generously offered to come cover the office so our sub could come to school...and one of our parents agreed to stay and help cover both classes. We ALL got our stuff organized and ready for tomorrow...Only God knows what tomorrow will bring! Prayers for health and healing are very much appreciated!!!
On the subject of healing...I have a problem with one of my feet. I have been experiencing a lot of pain in the mornings, and some days all day. So, I took myself to see the doc last week. I have planters fascietus (No idea how to spell that!!) Which just means that the lining covering the tendon that goes from the calf to the toes is inflamed. She gave me stretches and exercises to do to help the pain, and told me to take ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. I can get insoles for my shoes that might help. Most days, after I get up and stretch it out, walk around for a while, it feels better...but yesterday and today it has been just a nagging pain. Guess I'd better go look for those insoles! Prayers for healing for my silly foot are also appreciated!

Andrew wrestled in another tournament this weekend and my parents, brother and his family were able to come and cheer him on. Wrestling is such an intensive sport! It is so tense and stressful for the 3-5 minutes your child is wrestling, then you wait 2 hours or so until it is his turn again...hurry up, wait, stress, boredom, AHHH, YAWN! Andrew ended up taking 4th in his weight class, which was pretty great considering he was smaller than the other kids and should have wrestled in the next class down...long story. Anyway, he did great. The last kid he wrestled was bigger, stronger, and way faster! I think he had been wrestling a few more years! He kept picking Andrew up and slamming him into the mat! I almost couldn't watch! I kept saying "Don't hurt my BABY!" but of course I was WAY up in the bleachers and there is no way anyone could hear what I said...but I had to say it, even under my breath. But, even while being manhandled, Andrew didn't give up. He fought with the heart of a lion. He did his best and I'm more proud of how he fought that last match than many of the matches that he has won...Way to go Doober!! (sorry...his nickname, someday he's gonna hate it!)

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