Sunday, February 22, 2009

CRAZY weekend!

Abbigail is better...for the most part. I don't believe she had the tummy flu or anything, I think she just got worked up playing at McDonal*s play pl*ce and started coughing. She was pretty congested and I think she gagged on her mucus...sorry, TMI!! She was feeling better on Saturday, so we had tons of work to do!
The preschool where I teach has a scholarship program. We want to be able to let all children in our community have a preschool education, no matter of their financial status. We do fund raisers throughout the year to help fund our scholarship program. This year nearly 1/3 of our children are attending with the benefit of a scholarship! We are so blessed by our community support to assist in this of the fund raisers we do is selling pizza pockets. Not the frozen kind....fresh baked, homemade, YUMMY! So, yesterday, the preschool board, teachers, and a bunch of the moms got togther and made 200 dozen pizza pockets! Yes, 200 DOZEN!! Some of us measured out the dry ingredients on Friday morning...and then the lady at the donut shop allowed us to mix the bread dough in her BIG mixers! Starting at 6:00 Saturday morning, we worked nonstop until 6:00 pm...LONG day, but fun! I didn't actually get there until around 8:30 because I wasn't sure how Abbie was going to be...but she was fine. Unfortuantly all of my babysitters were busy, so I knew my kids would have to come with me and send the day there! We took games, movies, and then of course, all the toys at preschool to keep them busy. Considering how long we were there, they were excillent! Bethany came in and said "Andrew is being mean!" a few times, but they didn't fight all day, complain about being bored, and they didn't run amock around the methodist church! I was/am proud of them. Today, my feet are sore from standing all day, my shoulders and back are sore from rolling out the dough all day...but I did claim one of the "easy" jobs...I was the "scooper." My job was to scoop the filling onto the big pieces of dough and then someone would come along and cut the dough and fold it into a pocket. Quite an assembly line we had going! We had wonderful women working all day...which was the only thing that made such a long day bearable!!!
Last night when we got home, I just collapsed! SO TIRED!
Bethany is going to a birthday party this afternoon...a "Fancy Nancy" birthday party...she gets to be all gussied up in a FANCY dress. She is SO excied! I will try to take pictures of the fancy girls and post them soon!
Did I mention earlier that my brother-in-law, Nick, got to leave Iraq this week? His tour of service is over!!! He is currently in Hawaii for debriefing or something like that. I actally chatted with his wife this morning, and she is in Hawaii with him right now. What a blessing that he is safe, and they get to spend some time together again!!!
See...three posts in a week! A bit better!!! BTW, Mom and wanted me to blog, where are the comments??? ;o)


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Dad, you crack me up!! Love you!!

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Hi Andie. I'm glad you're blogging again. I don't know what made me check today since I haven't been going here for awhile. I knew you had moved on to an internet world that is beyond me - haha. Anyway, I'm happy that I can keep up on the news with your family again. Loni's girls have all been sick off and on, too, so I know what you're going through. Good luck staying healthy for awhile. Spring is almost here........Love, Aunt Patty.